July 13, 2014

Killing the Dust Mites

In progress.

Cleaned and two shelves emptied for art supplies.

The last few days, with orders from the doctor to keep on moving, I’ve been killing the dust mites.  We are really allergic to the dust mite poo, but it sounds so much nicer not to say that.  So in small increments, I’ve been dusting the books, I’ve been getting rid of the books, and I’ve been creating a small work space.

Small is the operant word.  Once the living room was redesigned, I found that pushing the table to the bookcase was truly non-functional.  No wonder I never worked there.  Once I turned it out into the room, my imagination began working again.

I could see myself drawing.  Doodling.  Looking out into the world and seeing light again.  I could even envision a new technique.  Or even doing. 

  • Himself:  Turned the fan on early.  Playing his game, and not planning to do a thing today.  Meeting later.
  • Herself:  I’m hot.  I’ll go back to dusting and clearing off that table later in the day.  Bake cake day.
  • Reading:  I picked up the third from the last Jance and found a Muller inside.  Later in the day, in a cool free moment, I found the Jance inside a Muller jacket.  At some point, perhaps during an anti-mold cleaning fit, I switched covers.  Left over mold and stains were evident in many of the Sci-Fi books.  Many more were high acid and crumbling.  What used to be thousands of books are now just hundreds.
  • Balance:  Killing more dust.  LOL


    1. Spending time today to make reservations for a last minute trip to Ireland with son's in-laws. They have not yet planned the 'middle' and it is only two months away. The ladder made me gasp. Hubby fell off outside today and with his serious neck problems we all panicked for some time today. He seems to be well, we will see tomorrow.

    2. Your wall of bookshelves makes me swoon. That is the most wonderful part of the room. Would love something like that in our family room. I have two large bookcases, but the built-ins would be even better.

    3. As always I feel like I am right there with you....helping to dust the books and looking at the many titles. Glad you got it accomplished.

    4. It feels so good to donate books to a good cause. I wonder how many e-books I can store in my cloud. No dust on e-books!

    5. Such a great room - it does remind me of the living room you had in OB in the big apartment. I am down to one small bookcase - from 5/6 that I had in San Diego. I am keeping only books I really enjoy and passing on the ones I don't need to include in my personal library. Hard for a true reader to do but it is some ways very liberating. Be careful on that ladder!

    6. It looks like an un-fun job but do-able in bits. Give yourself lots of time for the important things in between shelves. :)

    7. I'm impressed. Need to do that here but it is hot so I napped the afternoon away. Next week, maybe.

    8. I hope you got rid of the dust mites. Would getting rid of cloth furniture and installing leather work? It sure helped me.


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