January 6, 2015

30 B&W: Portrait


I have enough good black and white photos amassed that I can begin putting them up one a day now.  “Portrait of Bobbie” was taken in Washington DC art museum.  That’s a giant and colorful painting behind her.

I shoot with an old Canon PowerShot A650is that I drop often.  I manipulate the images with Photoshop Elements 10 using a vague memory of darkroom techniques taught me by PAH.

  • Himself:  Says he is going to live.

  • Herself:  Art and Housewifery.  Wrist swollen.  Life is good despite me.

  • Reading:  Old Perry’s.
  • Balance:  Getting things done.


    1. Nice photo. I like the tilt of her head. Glad G is better. David dug out the car and headed to the pet store. Heavens, we are low on bird seed, and out of pee ads and the dogs won't go near the snow.

    2. She seems so small next to the art and I assume that is for a reason. I would like to see a little more light tone in her black clothes to give depth. Just me. I do like the very knowing and patient expression her face as she waits for you. ;-)

      Hope the wrist is better, cannot imagine how to work without a wrist.

    3. i want to take back the comment on the darkness of her clothes and front as that is a function of the light of the computer screen and not the photo!

    4. Oh yes! I really, really like this one.

    5. I'd like to also see the color version, but I love the simplicity of this B & W.

    6. Like Linda I wouldn't mind seeing the coloured version - but then again you said it's a very colourful painting so we might net be able to 'see' the contrast the same as we do in B&W
      Oh yes I've seen that look on a child's face before now lol
      Take care

    7. Good one. Lot's of negative space and good use of thirds.

    8. this one is good in both color and black & white

    9. That's a lovely shot of Bobbie.


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