December 23, 2015

A Simple Holiday

Social things fade into the background now.  He drove up to his office party yesterday, so that’s the last big thing he needs to attend.  We have family to share one day with, and we are having dinner with Bobbie and Geoff another day.  We are having a very simple holiday.

Today we both go to work.  Tomorrow until December 30th, I have off....then again time off till the 3rd.  We will keep the vacation simple on this most happy of seasons.  Merry Christmas to all of you.


  • Himself:  Last night wasn’t ok, but today he’s better.  We don’t know what triggers these attacks.

  • Herself:  Doing pretty good for a worry wart.

  • Reading:  Craig.

  • Gratitudes: Each day as it comes.


    1. Enjoy your time off together. Sounds lovely!

    2. Our family is leaving the country after Christmas for two weeks. It will be quiet when they are gone but for the dog...

      Enjoy the season!

    3. Sounds like a perfect schedule to me. Some social time and some down time.

    4. Enjoy the season. Best to you both.

    5. Enjoy your down time, Merry Christmas to you and George.

    6. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

    7. Merry Christmas to you and G, Mage. Your Christmas could not be more simple than ours. Art did his Meals on Wheels. I finished up recording our gifts and we talked to everyone in our family via Skype. We had some scallops for dinner and that was it. But it was all very nice and peaceful.


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