December 26, 2015

An Unusual Christmas...

…for us.

Two years ago, we drove north to have Christmas Breakfast with Margot and Zoe.  Last year we didn’t go because George was very sick with a cold.  This year, we were already to go, and Margot comes down with a vicious cold.  I feel awful about it.

George is scheduled for exploratory things on the 5th, and if he caught a cold we would have to reschedule.  Not an OK thought.  I don’t do well with colds either.  Christmas eve day, we packed up the presents and drove them north which left us dangling on Christmas day.  So odd not to have family contact of any sort of this Christmas.

In the morning, Margot phoned to say the presents were a hit.  We headed off to a movie.  Yes, himself got tickets to the new Star Wars, and we were first in line.  Best of all, we got our favorite seats.  Yes, it was tons of fun.  No spoilers.  Dinner.  Same restaurant as Thanksgiving, we just switched meals.  Again, there was too much food for me to eat, but we got in without a reservation. 

I don’t do food holidays at all well.  I have IBS, and most of my childhood was spent being miserable at the dinner table.  I’ve discovered that if I do just a little of foods I’m not sensitive to and bring the rest home, I miss the agony completely.  For G, eating this way meets his doctor’s recommended many small meals a day. 

Tonight we are going out to dinner again….the Brigantine, at the bar, eating taco’s with old friends.  One taco with a diet coke.  Life gets lighter this way.  I think of you all often and so hope you all had a lighter and a beautiful holiday...with wishes of peace from the two of us.


  • Himself:  Feeling good.  Survived the movie popcorn and dinner too.  A lovely day.
  • Herself:  Chill sunshine out there.  Looks like East coast fall.  I’ve a couple of good new books to read.
  • Reading:  The first Crais that I got at Mysterious Galaxy’s new store.

  • Gratitudes:  That just this moment life is good and food is sitting well.

    1. It seems as if the older we get, the more we appreciate the things so many take for granted. Enjoy the rest of your day.🙂

    2. Yes, seems each holiday gets more different, or we just have more time to notice. Time up in the city with the kids was nice, but it was also nice to be done with all the holiday hoopla and planning. Working on fixing my PC and about 80% done on what I can do before I give up. Oh well. Waiting for colder weather so I have an excuse to sit inside and read.

    3. We were all healthy for Christmas although it was touch and go for awhile before. It's either raining, snowing or freezing raining here right now. I can't tell which from my window, but the ice on my window tells me that we had some freezing rain overnight.

    4. We were without family on Christmas Day, but saw everyone over the hoildays at some point. As for food, I eat lightly which means we seldom go out anymore.

      PS Article in the W. Post today about the resurgence of the 'Used book Store' and paper books.

    5. I saw that article in facbook this morning. Wonderful stuff.


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