December 14, 2015

Cold and Wet

Milaka and Margot in the snow….Mt Laguna 1967.  Photo: PAH.

I confess, it’s cold.  Some of New York is in the 70’s, but here we are in the 40’s with a knife-like wind blowing across the pool.  I couldn’t find my swim shirt this morning, so the wind spent it’s time cutting into anything I showed above the water.  It feels like snow to me.

I remember it snowing once when I was a kid in Chula Vista.  I joined the Army only to end up in the small snows of tidelands of Virginia.  I thought the shallow stuff real snow and pridefully wore 3 inch heels and short skirts to work every day.  I learned to appreciate life when I thoughtlessly drove down New Hampshire’s Franconia Notch on black ice at normal driving speed.  Now I know what black ice is.

I know what real snow over my head looks like...and feels like.  I visited Seedy’s in Alaska before the snow melted.

It’s cold today.  Wonderful stuff.  It may rain too.  Delightful.  I’m off to run errands in whatever weather nature offers today. 


  • Himself:  Gym, work, meeting, humor, and laughter.
  • Herself:  More of Grumpy got cleaned yesterday.  Under the hood looks almost new.  Got out of the pool early.  Dressed for grocery shopping, now have to make list.  I like simple days like these.
  • Reading:  Read the new Evanovich, and moved back to Francis.

  • Gratitudes:  For being alive.  For not ever going down Franconia Notch again.

    1. It is interesting to hear you speak of snow as such an unusual thing to you which I know it is. It is a way of life for us for six months or so every year. I cannot imagine a snowless winter. It would be wonderful to experience it I think. Enjoy your snowless though cold day.

    2. So cold up here in the San Joaquin Valley, too. Terry and I went downtown to have lunch and walk the Fulton Mall. We really needed heavier coats along with hats to cover our ears. Brrrr.

    3. We are going to Illinois this weekend, so hopefully no snow there!

    4. No snow here. Last year by now we were knee deep.

    5. Still waiting for winter. I do not like winter, but I know it is a necessary evil for our environment to move forward. My poor sugar maple!

    6. It may snow here this weekend.

    7. It was so cold in my house this morning that I had to pour boiling water in my coffee cup before I added the coffee.

    8. Lovely shot of the children.
      Majolica was the pottery name I was trying to think of.
      We are having crazy weather from the Azores.
      Difficult time of year for many of us. Onward and upward!


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