December 15, 2015


At Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery today.

Our local television showed us crowds placing wreaths on stones at Fort Rosecrans this last weekend.  I thought the “Wreaths Across America a great idea.  Giant semi’s delivering the wreaths.  Hoards of good hearted people placing wreaths on graves.  Volunteers everywhere.

I waited a few days before going up to see them thinking Grumpy and I would be in the way.  But there were only a few wreaths.  They were near the main entrance on both sides.  The further away you got from the entrance, the less you saw…until there were none at all.  None on Dales grave, none on G’s mom and dad’s place, nor any on Mikey’s wall. 

I still think it a lovely idea.  But personally, I’d like to feed the homeless first.  Feed the veterans who are living on the street first before giving the dead a wreath.  1307 veterans are homeless on the streets in my town.  The numbers may be down 12%, but that’s still an appalling number of our veterans sleeping on the sidewalks or under a bush.  Yes, they need to want their addictions helped.  Yes, they need help for their PTSD. 

They are not dead yet, and perhaps they would like a hot meal and a warm, clean bed instead of a wreath.

  • Himself:  He’s perky and full of it today.  Wants to go shopping after dinner.  Local store out of Ghirardelli’s chips.  We are out of Diet Coke.
  • Herself:  Found my shirt for the pool.  No wind today.  Using some meals from Real Simple’s menus.  Delicious stuff.  All presents wrapped.  So far.  LOL
  • Reading:  Juvenile dragon things.
  • Gratitudes:  The sun is so beautiful on things today.  The air is clear.  The world beautiful.


    1. Helping the vets is a great idea. We send them into hellish conditions and our debt to them only begins when they come home. We need to do more in Canada as well. Our new prime minister says that we will. Here's hoping that happens.

    2. Why is it that Christmas is the one time of the year people are willing to open their pocketbooks for donations. The wreaths are really beautiful.

    3. I agree with you 1,000%. It is so sad.

    4. I like those 'Real Simple' recipes. However, I've. Bee very lazy of late. Served David turkey-chicken sausages from Trader Joe this day and ate one of them...a late brunch! Told him it was bangers without the mash.

      Wreaths everywhere in Arlington. To bad about Rosenkrantz. As forgets...the bill Speaker Ryan worked out out with both sides of the aisle looks good, however, we shall see if the Senate buys in. Stupid Democrats sometimes prefer making Republicans look bad rather than work out an honest agreement. Ryan is a great guy and liked by most
      House members, so say a prayer that he succeeds.

    5. My thought. It's a great idea, but if you can't do it for everyone, you probably should think of some other way to remember.

    6. In my dream world all the needy people would have basic life support.

    7. I have a friend who is Welsh and he is inundated just now with old friends calling in whilst they do up parents graves for Christmas. Cremation for me.
      I agree - more important to use any resources on live veterans

    8. I was thinking the same thing about your post after reading the first few lines and I so agree that this symbolism while nice and comforting does not do anything practical for those still living! I have two bags of chocolate chips in the pantry and not going anywhere near a store unless it is right after it opens tomorrow.

    9. The wreaths are lovely I'd rather feed and house the vets too.


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