December 28, 2015


My biggest problem is that I think.  My head is filled with all sorts of unwanted futures and pasts when it really needs to stay in the now.  Now is making it to and from the grocery store before the rains hit.  Now is making the bed before I leave.  Now is finishing getting dressed from my trip to the pool…yes, the pool was warm but the air was ferociously cold.

Now is making menus of things that G can eat for the week.  Pork chop with chunky apple sauce tonight perhaps with green beans or a salad with broccoli.  Now is remembering other things too…like rice milk.  Grocery shopping is a comforting ritual even if you hate to cook as I do. 

Now is also working on my next black and white project.  All new things this time.

  • Himself:  Gym first.  Today he is at work and fine.  Laundering and making bread too.  He likes doing all this.
  • Herself:  Pool, groceries, read, cook, read. 
  • Reading:  Working my way through Crais.  I don’t have them all.
  • Gratitudes:  That I’m here today and smiling.


    1. Love your black and white photos... our youngest is trying his hand at B&W photography, as is our niece, Jeanette. I felt guilty slipping into town without setting up a visit with you and G. Perhaps next time... when we do visit the kids, we rarely (and I do mean rarely) visit family or anyone else but the kids and grandkids. And we typically only stay for a couple of nights, so time is also a factor.
      Love you guys...

    2. Love the photo of the face etched with life. Black and white is perfect.

    3. Light and composition success show up in black and white and that may be why I find it most difficult to do. I am always attracted to the colored tone in lighting. I like the vitality of color and not the pensiveness of black and white. Thinking...we all do that and trying to stop our mind is the hardest. That is why I bought a CD/DVD on meditation. I know, it doesn't need to be a "course" but I do love school. Now I just have to follow my resolution to begin the course!!!!! Bread making fills the house with such good smells does it not.

    4. You are so funny. You hate to cook but you collect cookbooks.

    5. I think I like the first taste of your new photo project. The reverse of "now" is "won." I think there's a word for that other than reverse, but I am having a senior moment. Maybe there isn't; it's not palindrome or anagram that I am thinking of.

    6. Excellent photo! I like black and white and night time thoughts.
      I have a Buddha Board and when too busy or feeling overwhelmed I doodle on it with a bamboo brush. The pictures fade away and I just let them go, mostly. A very good one I might photograph and fool around with on Photoshop. Great creative outlet for me.
      I love to cook, which is a good thing, since I have to do so much of it! It is one of those double binds, though. Women are in charge of the cooking mostly, and yet we are expected to stay slim!

    7. I have trouble staying in the NOW. I'm always heading to plans for the future. Or looking to the past to see what I may have missed the first time around. Maybe I can learn something in review.

      I'm trying to do better these days in staying in the NOW and enjoying the present moment. It's hard.


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