December 17, 2015

The Very Best Christmas Tree Ever

The best tree ever: My daughter’s horse tree.

The Holidays are officially here.  The last candle was lit on the menorah.  Now it’s time to light the fires and candles of Christmas time.  Some families are fleeing away….a cruise or trip instead of a celebration.  Others are at home with their lights and families celebrating the birth of Christ or just enjoying the holidays.

I don’t remember making a fuss about the holidays when the kids were small.  The big meal and present opening was at grandmother and Gunny’s house.  Then for a long time I did nothing at all.  When the kids returned, our first tree was the bronze sculpture of Sandy then later we cut out paper colored balls for the split-leaf philodendron.  That was pretty fancy stuff for us.  Thanks to the San Diego Police Department, we had a fat turkey and a box of games and toys for the girls.  I am still grateful.

Another year, daughter Milaka found a Christmas tree in the alley and brought it home.  Thanks to her, we had a real tree that year.  Across the street at the cottage, we had a series of real trees followed by a plastic tree that G and I found at an estate sale.  As it bio-degraded over the years, I hung more and more ornaments on it to cover the holes.  Nothing helped the smell of bio-degrading plastic.

Daughter Margot settled in to a good life up the coast, and last year enthusiastically decorated this tree with lots of love.  There’s something for everyone on this tree, and, frankly, I think it the very best Christmas tree ever. 


  • Himself:  Doing good.  Getting ready for a very busy weekend with a museum party, and a party here.
  • Herself:  Looking forward to being social.  Today getting cider for Saturday, and small shampoos for a gift giving for the homeless through the Y.
  • Reading:  Detective Evan Evans.  Nothing like a Welch detective to keep you busy.
  • Gratitudes:  That all the aches and pains from yesterday are gone.  That I can do something to help the homeless.


    1. Such a gorgeous tree. The evolution of Christmas trees in your life has been part of an interesting journey. Enjoy the parties this weekend.

    2. Very pretty.

      Though about that fake tree, I have to admit that I'm gagging on the thought of plastic toxins breaking down to the point that you could smell it.

    3. Lovely tree. There's so much history in our ornaments.

    4. Every year we say, "This is the best Christmas tree ever!"


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