January 14, 2016

Frankly my dear...


The truth is, I get little solid sleep at night.  I’m still in the “lay down and cough” stage of the disease.  Yesterday I grabbed my day by its sunshine and went off to work for a couple of hours.  Shelving books is good for the soul.  There was a long nap before out to dinner which is good for everything.  Even grocery shopping is good if you are looking for quick-fix meals.

Today I grabbed my day again, and when G headed to the gym, I went with him…to the hot tub.  Frankly my dear, I slept the rest of the day away in my computer chair.  I felt vastly better tho fuzzy when I woke.  Just like those knees.

Best of all, eldest daughter Margot called with the news that her closet is cleaned out.  George’s mom and dad did something similar.  George’s mom gave her kids a box.  With Margot and Laka, when it was time to leave IB Paul handed both kids a foot locker.  He told them to put everything they wanted to take with them in it.

One of Margot’s neighbors is an expert at simplifying things.  When your clothes are your Linus Blanket, it is a hard thing to put them aside.  She’s done it now…a very first.  I’m so glad she has this neighbor.

I’m so glad I have George.  He never hands me a box.

  • Himself:  I think he’s just fine.  He’s booked us a busy weekend, and I will just smile and go along.
  • Herself:  Snoring.
  • Reading:  Crais, “Chasing Darkness.”
  • Gratitudes:  That I am feeling vastly better.


    1. I envy the closet clean-out. I so need to do the same. Maybe...

      Feel better soon.

    2. I would have trouble with just a box too.

    3. So glad you are feeling better. I find it hard to catch up on lost nights of sleep. This last little medical procedure was much harder than I expected or remembered from before...I will maybe write about it.

    4. So glad you're better. Yes, sleep is the medicine we all need! I slept in on Tuesday until 11:15 a.m. It felt wonderful! I've been doing better sleeping at night. I no longer wake with my shoulder hurting, which is wonderful. I still try to stretch it at least once a day. I've been thinking about clearing out stuff myself. What do you do with your 'box' once you have it filled? I have an overflowing box sitting by my cookbook library and I haven't begun to clear out stuff.

    5. Glad you are on the mend. Sounds like the hot tub was just what the doctor ordered! Have a wonderful weekend with George.

    6. Lots of people are decluttering. I intend to do the same very soon. Just reserved an extended stay hotel for the month of March in Ft Worth, Texas. It's a big deal for me to even think of driving so far alone....and then back home again! LOL

    7. This illness really seems to be hanging on although you do seem to be on an upward trajectory. Oddly enough, I haven't have a serious bout of anything for a few years now. Fingers crossed.

    8. Happy to hear you are on the mend. Yes, decluttering. Someday I will have to choose between pots and pans. Putting it off for now!


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