January 11, 2016


This star sample quilt is one of Harriette’s.

I thought I’d get to spend the day on some soft surface wrapped in quilts.  Nope, a Mammogram at a new place…with 5 buck parking.  Lunch.  I probably shouldn’t have been driving as I got only a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Call the doc and got an antibiotic for the bronchitis.  (They like me to wait two weeks before calling for help.  This time I didn’t wait.)  Lastly, pick up 89 bucks of prescriptions.

Since the new Vorkosigan Saga hardbound will be released in one month, I’m just now rereading the volume the previous one, “Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance.”  The kindle version will be out in one week.  How do I know all this.  I couldn’t stop coughing and got up at 3 to Give G a few hours uninterrupted, cough free sleep.  While I was up, I corrected many of the dates in my picture folders.  And I checked all my links on my sidebars.  Yes, all are currant.  Take a moment and see what’s there in “Food for the Soul’...many of my favorite authors.

I did get an almost cough free 4 hour nap.  Imagine that.

  • Himself:  Really helpful while working at home.
  • Herself:  That nap was lifesaving.
  • Reading:  Bujold’s “Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance.”  Loving it.
  • Gratitudes:  For getting a nap.


    1. Four hours of sleep and no coughs, almost a vacation. Here in Tinytown we are still parking for free. No Costco, Trader Joes\'s, we have to get something. Hope you get better soon.

    2. Sincerely hope the antibiotics sorts things out for you and relief comes your way. Love the quilty self portrait
      Take care

    3. Must check out Bujold. Hope you feel better soon.

    4. Gosh, I hope you are better soon. Got the new book on the killer opioid Oxycontin...more later.

    5. Take it easy! And I hope you feel better soon!

    6. Exhaustion and yet you cannot sleep. It does not seem fair. I am on that clear liquid diaet all day tomorrow in anticipation of a colonoscopy the next day. The nurse told me she lost 8 pounds with her procedure. !!!

    7. This embroidery artist is creating a permanent exhibit for a store that was built from timbers of two sailing ships! It reminded me of Poolah Bear so I sent her a link, but the fact that the stores were initially built from sailing ships made me think of you so here you go -- check out this fabulous embroidery artist! Very cool...


    8. I'm so sorry to hear you are unwell. What's this about having to pay to park to get a mammogram? How ridiculous! And those co-pays on your meds...a scandal.
      Get better soon!

    9. Book on Oxycontin....depressing. Sent it back. Now reading The Republic of Spin . Hope you are well. Daughter and granddaugghter in San Diego visiting son and family.


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