February 11, 2016

Aids Quilt Blocks

The Heart Quilt block made from an AIDS Walk signature panel.

Both G and I are pulling our hair out.  Our server-owned modem is dead, and neither of us can get anywhere online.  He’s very frustrated as he works from home, and I am only half frustrated in small bites.  A repair person from Cox is to be here today…a fact I will believe when I see it.

He can’t take an alternate route, but I can.

We had a huge donation of books, many hundreds, all at once.  Most are strongly conservative in their leanings, and many are very strongly anti Obama.  Frankly, I put them out.  Everywhere, thinking every book sold was another dollar for cancer research.  There were so many I couldn’t get them all out yesterday.  The man who prices them for me didn’t get them all priced on Tuesday either.   We live in a conservative part of town.  Perhaps some of them will sell.

I’ll go price and tidy.  Maybe even more will sell today.

On display at a Mama’s Kitchen fund raiser.

A much thinner me giving a talk about this quilt block.


  • Himself:  VERY Frustrated about work.
  • Herself:  I got the AIDS Quilt pictures downloaded to Photobucket.  Now running away to work.
  • Reading:  An interesting book on “Airforce One.”

  • Gratitudes:  That I am feeling really pretty good.

    1. AIDS quilt is beautiful. Such a great reminder that the struggle is not over. Good luck with the computer problem and the books.

    2. Is that quilt part of the huge AIDS quilt project? I wish I had patience to quilt, but I cannot sit that still and do small stitches. I did needlework when I was pregnant, but that was a long time ago!

    3. I saw the AIDS quilt early on when it was displayed at the Metrodome in Minneapolis. It was the size of a football field at that time and it was still not the entire thing. Wow.

    4. Glad you're feeling good. I am too -- hope Cox got you back up and running again. Hugs to you both...

    5. Love the quilt photos. I didn't vote for Obama or Bush, but I reminded David that we always like the last president better after he's out of office. I am rooting for Hillary, but very concerned about her chances.

      Of course ou must put the books you don't like on display. We have freedom of speech. Besides, look at it this way, the person who bought them has changed his mind or died and his heirs didn't want the books. Either way, they were sent to the thrift shop and not burned. Thank goodness.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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