February 9, 2016

Catalina and The Star Of India

This is a Folbot…and yes, it folds.

Slowly I work my way through my photo storage files.  Frankly, I don’t begrudge the time as I am really enjoying looking at many of the pictures again.  Yes, I am being pickey.  Not every image I’ve ever taken of each category is going into Photobucket.  Frankly, I am enjoying seeing each and every one of the shots again…even the out of focus ones.

Pulleys on the Star of India.

  • Himself:  He’s OK today.  At work at 7 so we can drive north to meet our new tax lady and say goodbye to our old friend and old tax person.
  • Herself:  Struggling to combine an IBS diet with a pre-diabetic diet.  Not panicking…..LOL  Knew this was coming as my mother was a diabetic and my youngest daughter is a diabetic.
  • Reading:  Another Miles Vorkosigan…this time a biodegrading paperback.

  • Gratitudes:  For all the tools and tricks I’ve learned over the years so I don’t get upset at every new surprise.

    1. Great photos. I bet you've found some interesting pictures that bring smiles. Much to be grateful for!

    2. I have saved several batches on hard drives that are digital...easily in the thousands. I probably have close to 20,000 photos or will have by the end of the year. I REALLY need to weed. Those of family or important trips are backed up to the cloud and to the hard drives. Scanning is another story. I understand that slides last for a loooong time and I have hundreds of those. My criteria involves whether I can download again at full resolution and many sites do not provide that or charge too much. If it was not such an important hobby to me, I would probably not stress. Blogger just deletes from the back end of your posts??

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    4. Oh boy I know what you mean, diabetes 2 and a couple other annoying things run in my family. Dietary no-no's or probably not's leave me with a diet of cucumbers and lettuce. My philosophy is small amounts of anything except the worst food offenders. No more chocolate covered almonds. That's a philosophy not an actuality in my life, ha, ha!

    5. Glad you are getting there. It is pleasurable to look back at older photos.

    6. Looking through those old photos take a lot of time.

    7. transferring all those photos could make you a little "dingy"

    8. Saw my Doc this week. Struggling with the new diet. An apple a day?

    9. I really do need to work on my photo organization. And, I need to cull a bunch of files from the old Windows Vista program. Not sure what to delete, though. It may have to go into the shop. :/ Take care of yourself... Glad G is feeling better. Hugs to you both.

    10. Looking through old photos really takes you out of yourself but the day disappears.
      Have come to the conclusion that you are a stoic. Like my husband was.


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