February 8, 2016

Happy New Year: Year of the Monkey

Christmas Amusements.

After all those weeks of photo struggles, I’m now in the process of moving into Photobucket.  I can make an album now.  I can transfer photos in, and I can delete.  And I confess that I go back every day and see if I can post an address from there.

Each of the other “cloud” photo hosts offered a problem I didn’t want to deal with.  Picasa, for instance, insists one uses Explorer.  I don’t.  Flickr, my favorite, isn’t compatible with Blogger.  Snapfish still hasn’t added the address to the photo.  I must confess that I searched all morning in the through the Page Source and the coding in Inspect.  No address that I could find tho it should have been there in the Source.

Christmas photos are all downloaded tp Photobucket now.  I thought I would do nice watery shots of Catalina this morning.  Not all shots…just ones I will use again….she says smiling.

  • Himself:  So far so good.
  • Herself:  Ugly tooth and sinus.
  • Reading:  Bararar…I don’t want it to end.
  • Gratitudes:  That I am here and smiling.  Happy New Year….year of the monkey too.


    1. Much luck to you during this monkey of a year! Have a great week.

    2. I have photos EVERYWHERE and not all of them in one place.

    3. I just did a test because in the past I have posted Flickr pics on my blog. I don't do it anymore, but the test worked. You have to grab the embed code. It works. Trust me. Actually, don't trust me. Try it. Email if you need help.

    4. I'm going to try Photobucket. One of the participants in a cruise I went on uploaded a whole bunch of pix. Very cool.

    5. I hope your ugly tooth isn't part of the smile!

    6. Suddenly I can't post photos on my blog - but sometimes on Face book. It's driving me demented.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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