February 3, 2016

Mostly Mage

The day I joined the Army.  I loved that baby blue, adult dress.

Snapfish made the decision not to add an address link to their customer’s pictures.  I’m sorry.  They have been a very reliable photo host.  Very.  Here I now am at Photobucket about which I hear complaints.  Ah well.  So far it’s worked.  I now have an album for my mother, one for G and I, and now I am doing one that’s “Mostly Mage.”

I’m sorry to lose the easy accessibility to all those pictures.  Not every photo in every category is on this computer’s hard drive.  Most are over there on that other one.   For a while, I won’t be out there taking pictures, I will be in here puttering with Photobucket instead. 

  • Himself:  Feeling OK, he says from work.
  • Herself:  Finished the newest and signed Bujold. It’s not as good as the others.  I was glad to read it anyway.  Anesthetic reaction still with me.  Playing with books today.
  • Reading:  An older Bujold.
  • Gratitudes:  That I am here to read.  LOL


    1. Love that picture. So beautiful, such potential. Have a good week!

    2. Thankful that the worst part of today's storm front may miss us as it rushes out to sea. I love that photo of you. You look so happy and I really wish I had known you back then.

    3. I used to love those dresses, even though I couldn't wear them (too long waisted, they didn't fit right at all). Separates are the only way for me to go. Hugs...

    4. What a wonderful photo. Sigh. Takes me back to my bright eyed and bushy tailed days.

    5. What a beautiful girl...soon to be shorn and covered with mud?


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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