February 1, 2016

Wind, Rain, Sleet, and Hail

I was happily reading away in one of the old Vorkosigan volumes.  The television was on to add a little weather news in the background when one of those beeping screeches sounded.  Sat me upright in a hurry it did. 

“High wind warning,” it told us.  “Shelter in the lowest part of your house flat on the floor.”  I’d never heard such a thing here in Southern California.  I thought, “It wouldn’t affect us.”

The wind picked up over the afternoon blowing the palm trees flat against the sky.  Many gum trees were blown over as were hundred year-old pines.  In one town over, a tree crushed a car and driver coming up the street.  All over the city trees, signs, light poles, and anything else standing tall was blown over onto anything below it.  Margot reported the street outside her house looked as if it were covered in snow.  Hail instead.

We drove slowly over Mission Bay to a meeting and were buffeted about even on city streets.  Coming home again, found us dodging downed trees and light poles in the dark.  Mid bridge, power came on again.  It was icy cold, and for the first time here, I wore socks to bed.  George got up at three am and turned on the heater.  Another first.  

Today we woke to the weather news being number one.  George went to work early and looking out the office window saw twisted and bent signs on the store across the street.  No downed trees right here, but we know the power is still out in most of Ocean Beach.


  • Himself:  Work very early to make up the hours at a follow up doc appointment.
  • Herself:  Read instead of going to the pool in the rain and wind.  LOL  Tomorrow I’m taking the Toyota in to have its Takata airbags replaced at dawn.  Later picking up the new Bujold Vorkosigan.
  • Reading:  ”A Civil Affair.”
  • Gratitudes:  That I’m here and feeling pretty darned good.  Coughing vastly less.  No sinus pain.  I am the most grateful person you ever knew today.


    1. glad you're safe and feeling better!

    2. Glad you weathered the storm without any major damage. Scary though! Have a great week.

    3. I was talking to my sis who lives in San Diego yesterday when suddenly she yelled and said a very large and heavy piece of deck furniture flew off the deck of an apartment above them, was carried across the street below, and then it landed on a roof top deck on the building across the street. She said it was so heavy that it two men to lift it from where it landed. I'm glad you are better.

    4. Do not attempt to get out and about when weather warnings are in your area. We all are going to be dodging crazy weather as spring comes in. Global climate change researchers promised this. I am so glad you are safe. We have waited in the basement storage room of our house at least once or twice.

    5. Eerie!

      Years ago, I found it exhilarating to stand on my screened-in porch during a storm... watching the rain and the trees swaying, enjoying the breeze and smell. But after I watched a tree uproot and crash my huge SUV, things changed. I have more respect for the power of nature now.

      How about you?
      Good that you and "himself" managed without incident.

      By the way, Happy New Year! :)

    6. That was some awesome wind. Sounds crazy.

    7. Hadn't heard about the San Diego wind storm what with the Iowa caucus, the escaped inmates, the Super Bowl, and our own crime wave in Fresno. The wind blew here on Monday and brought down 6 palm fronds. We got an inch of rain on Sunday which is a pretty big deal in our drought stricken state.

    8. I laid in bed listening to the wind the other night -- I imagine it was the same night you had your power outages. We have severe wind up here at times, but that night was unbelievable. It roared through our chimney and fireplace. Not fit for man nor beast that night! I had a pretty good day today--our Alaska trip has been called off -- DIL's father is still in the hospital (almost a month now and two stomach surgeries later), he's not doing well at all; they're going to install a Picc line tomorrow morning in hopes of giving him some nutrition. He hasn't had anything to eat in a month now. He's in a great deal of pain and is totally disillusioned and depressed. Getting weaker every day. Not good...

    9. Wow. Sounds major. We had a tropical storm last year that did a lot of damage. We were off island at the time and came home to some damage to our trees. The part of the island that was right in the path of the storm got whacked, many many trees down but miraculously no fatalities.

    10. I'm happy to read you are better. Who knew SoCal saw such goings on?


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