January 30, 2016


2015 Blue.

We are curled up at home this weekend.  I’m puttering about.  No, the living room isn’t going blue so very soon after the latest color change, but I liked seeing these two pieces this morning.   The big piece needs a new frame and glass, but I love its color and passion.  Artist: Milaka Hawkins.  Don’t all mothers save their children’s artwork in giant frames?  The smaller painting  is one of Don’t DeLlamas’s Horizon Line pieces.  Most of these are more hard edged, but we all were drawn to the softness of this one.  G and I bought it after Don’s way too early death.

G’s helping me this morning by downloading my 2014 and 2015’s journals to discs.  I have firm doubts about this being the permanent way of keeping my journals.  Years ago, I thought floppies would be with us forever.  Then there was ZIP discs.  Now CDs.  But I keep the ephemera from each year in archival boxes, and I want a record of the written word kept with them. 

I’ve been having nightmares about what I could do with them.  It would be wonderful if SDSU would take them, but I have trouble visualizing State accepting my 50 fifty plus moldy crumbling journals.  I really don’t want to leave them for the kids or G to deal with them, but they constitute my only 40 year on going art and recording project.  It’s a “hey-I’m dead-and-here’s-my-legacy” sort of thing. 

No, I don’t want to burn any of them just find a home for them. 

  • Himself:  Feeling good today….no pain, no problems.  Breakfast out as we are not going to the front of the line at Phil’s BBQ for his continuing birthday.  He works at the museum this afternoon.
  • Herself:  Late yesterday came the news that the mammogram and ultrasound showed nothing new to worry about.  You bet I said thank you all evening long.  Come to think of it, I’m still saying thank you.  Lots of gratitude.
  • Reading:  Rereading more https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/16094.Lois_McMaster_Bujold/blog>Vokosigan books until the new one is released on the second.

  • Gratitudes:  That I can journal.

    1. Such good news, Mage. Bask in the normal things in life now that you have a new lease on it.

    2. Add my gratitude for your good news. Great pictures. I'm still trying to figure out where mine fit in the condo. Going on two years, about half are hung up. ;-)

    3. Would memory sticks (flash drives) not be more convenient than CDs? More expensive, I suppose, but less bother, I think.

    4. I like that larger image.. the colours are so appealing. I agree with Anvilcloud.. a stick would hold a great deal of words and has already outlived much of what a CD can offer.

    5. So glad you received good news about your health.

      I really like both of those pictures.

    6. I've been following your blog for quite some time now. As a native San Diegan, transplanted to Austin, Texas, I love your insight to our fair city. I lived at the beach during most of the 80's (4127 Everts) and enjoy your references. Thanks for blogging. - Patti

    7. Dear Patti....and how can I find you?

    8. When I did my blog on the house building I printed out every post and then deleted that blog. As for this more personal journal I am thinking of printing some posts...but how could I download the blog itself? Not possible I am guessing with all the proprietary software. My husband received an email from a historian that was researching my husbands grandfather's photography, which was well known in the small town where he lived. Hubby explained that they had given all the photos to the library for their historic section and now we learn they kept only a few dozen!!! The rest were tossed. I have photos "in the cloud" on DVDs and on several hard drives with no real hope that any will be saved or useful.

    9. I'm Patti Schumacher on FB

    10. I like those paintings a lot. The colors appeal to me.

    11. I love the two paintings. Saw what I recall was a Mark Rothko this week...giant blocks of blue and yellow.


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