March 8, 2016


I confess.  I read yesterday.  I still have two bookcases to go through…one today.  Those were two powerful memoir/reminiscences I read.  The sort of thing that sticks with you.  I have the Brady in hardbound already.  The Lindbergh paperback was fragile.  I found a used hardbound online with free shipping….usually shipping costs just the same as the book.  I’ll reread them both in a few years.

  • Himself:  Business meetings for the convention.  He represented a whole committee last night.
  • Herself:  Read, went to the business meeting…and I really didn’t have to go.
  • Happy International Women's Day to all my women friends.
  • Reading:  Longmire 2 after I clear out the fibers, fashion, style, and poetry section.
  • Gratitudes:  George who brings me coffee in the morning.  Boom indeed.


    1. Great IWD to you as well. We women rock! I (we) have started Longmire and do like it. I remember the Sheriff as the good-looking priest on Ballykissangel, one of my favorite soap operas. Need to find some GREAT books as my last few have been hardly even mediocre. Have you heard about the Kindle scandal with 1984? Google it.

    2. Happy day, sweetie! See you Saturday!

    3. Back at you woman, celebrate us! I can hardly wait for the next Longmire book to come out. Some great women in those books too.

    4. Oh my, a husband who brings you coffee in the morning! Isn't he wonderful?? Mine does too sometimes. And I serve him coffee in bed on occasion. Kindness--it just makes the day so wonderful. Hugs and love to you and G... And thanks for the suggestion about J.Jance. I've just finished her book and it was great. Will have to look for more of her work when I take this one back to the park's library. That's one of the other really neat things about this place -- a free library with a great selection of books. Love it!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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