March 9, 2016

Other People's Stuff

Bobbies chair, Gimpa’s trash can, Grandma’s clock, my quilt, and a La Jolla ladies mola.

I’ve always lived with other people’s stuff.  Perhaps my mother did too until the day she bought a sofa and chair all of her very own.  My grandfather might have done so also until the day he bought a heavy sofa and chairs all of his own.  We moved in here with masses of other people’s stuff and our very own, new sofa.

Almost everyone of those books I’ve been sorting once belonged to someone else too.  Masses of them.  I confess that I discarded only two costume books from the tall bookcase, but I was ruthless with the cookbooks.  Ruthless, what a frightening word when you are cutting back a collection, cutting back on a love. 

I had the worst allergy attack I’ve had since childhood after sorting that bookcase.  Perhaps all those discarded books were getting back at me…ruthlessly.


  • Himself:  Really enjoying subrogation.
  • Herself:  Really glad sorting through the books are done for this housecleaning.
  • Reading:  ”The Death of the U-Boats by Hoyt.
  • Gratitudes:  That my nose isn’t running like a train any more.


    1. Other people's stuff is part of my life too, mostly small things that mean a lot. We have a tea cart and a rocking chair that are precious but most other things are smaller.

      Well done! I think of the sneezing/watering eyes as pushing the past out, forcefully. Cleansed! The body can mirror what the spirit feels sometimes. It can be painful but liberating.

    2. I wondered why my nose was running. I too have been ruthless.

    3. I started out with other peoples stuff because we had little money. Then I got a decent salary and bought some nice Ethan Allen furniture and folk art as I traveled. Then I realized I had too much stuff and started giving it a way. Now I had stuff in the basement that is my children's discards that is too expensive to just toss. Waiting for them to get bigger homes.

    4. I have a lot of other people's stuff too. I bought new furniture for the first time a few years ago.

    5. Ah... allergies. The only time my nose isn't running or sneezing is when I'm sleeping. Lots of people here in the park are having fits with allergies and the blooming of the citrus trees is driving everyone nuts. I never considered citrus oil to be an allergen, but I'm learning that is a powerful one. Blessings to you and G. I just finished another J.A.Jance -- a really short one that I started last night and finished this morning. A good read.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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