March 23, 2016

Staycation 2016

I’m off to shoot more roses.  We have four days down in the valley at a convention.  This is the one where I normally get my best rose shots.  We will be home in a few days….or more often to see if any of the books I ordered come.  Silly me.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  • Himself:  Not packed.  Doesn’t want to rush into it.
  • Herself:  Packed.  Three items left on my list.  Two…one…
  • Reading:  Upstairs at the White House with JB West in a crumbling paperback I hope to replace at any moment with a used hardbound.  If you want to see a couple of other roses, check my blogger blog “Postcards.”
  • Gratitudes:  That I am here.


    1. Lovely. I miss roses. It was too early for them in Seattle, and they don't do well in Hawaii.

    2. Have a great long weekend. Beautiful roses!

    3. Your roses are beautiful. I've changed the privacy on my blog and FB... don't know if it will affect you or not. Hugs... me

    4. I love the scent of roses. I really love the angle you took this rose. The swirl is so interesting.

    5. I like this one also.

    6. Mr. Lincoln was our all-time favorite rose.


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