April 18, 2016


L. Tracy, Timothy, and Mage at one of the SDSU Art Galleries.

The doctor is pleased with me.  Slowly the weight is coming off.  In the 1989 picture above, I’m at the weight I am aiming for….178.  I can hook pants now that I couldn’t wear a year ago.  Unfortunately, this last week of sedentariness hasn’t exercised any more of that fat off.  I’ve read and watched lots of Longmire.  That made me a very happy person.

I didn’t know a lack of vitamin D would cause muscle cramps.  It takes forever to build it back up in one’s body.  Vitamin D isn’t reacting well with my good old IBS, but many reactions to the lack of it are going.  No more fuzzy thinking.  I wonder if my mother was short on vitamin D too.

So now, at the start of the day, I can stand straight again.  I can walk almost comfortably around the house…The pain has gone from a 10 to a 2 or 3.  By the end of the day, I’m leaning forward a bit.  No more crawling up stairs and mostly not using my walker.  As of today, gentle exercises….I can do them in the water though…hurrah, hurrah, back in the water I go tomorrow.  Liberating.

  • Himself:  Has been my rock.  Got downstairs yesterday and discovered the kitchen was spotless.
  • Herself:  Progress not perfection.
  • Reading:  Nothing…but I will find something to reread.

  • Gratitudes:  The pain is going, and I am moving beyond it.

    1. So glad to read this. Pain is exhausting and can force us to make bad decisions. Good forward firmly, gently, repetitively and get back into an eager exercise mode. I also take daily vitamin D along with a big dose monthly prescription dose. I guess it is helping. I do have better energy many days.

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    3. Congrats on the progress both in terms of weight and mobility.

    4. Glad you are starting to feel better. Pain is so debilitating and its reduction is so liberating. I am happy for you.

    5. The fella in the photo looks very much like my husband's nephew. Startled me when I first saw it.

      The vitamin D revelation is quite startling. I didn't know lack of it could cause muscle cramps. Maybe Terry has some deficiency as he has cramps occasionally. He drinks tonic water which seems to help but he's not good at doing it with any consistency.

    6. Ohhh... and I had the chance to buy some D today and passed on it. But tomorrow I have to go to KMart for a prescription. I'll buy D I promise! I did walk 2 1/2 blocks and back today. And I felt every foot of it. :/ Walking here on slopes and at 4,000 ft. elevation is NOT like Arizona at all. ;) I'm thinking I'll buy myself a new bathing suit and see if I can find some water here in Tehachapi. I know they have pools in AZ but no bathing suit. :/

    7. Congratulations. And I like the art behind you. Diebenkorn?


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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