April 19, 2016

Books On Books

Even as I begin clearing out the kitchen things and my clogged closet, I’m also sorting out books for the Store.  I ask myself, will I read it again?  Was it worth reading in the first place?  Even if it wasn’t a great read, would I use the information in it for something?

Rebecca Mead writes about these…“books that explicitly consider reading as a crucial dimension of living “as all important.  They are to me.  Many mysteries I keep.  Reading all the Longmire’s was a truly joyful thing.  I’ve kept all the JA Jance’s even those that seem dry or scattered.  Craig and Crais also offer a good story.  Some of the Science Fiction still reads so solidly that I cannot part with it….Moon’s, Bujold’s, and even most of the McCaffrey’s still sit there above my sewing machine.

One category I keep no matter what …books about books.  I rarely enter a brick and mortar bookstore these days.  There’s no need as a huge volume of books flow through my hands every week as the Store Booklady.  I never have to look far for something to read.  Unfortunately, few books about books arrive on my shelves.  I confess, I grab every one that shows up.

“Where the Book Falls Open,” seemed a little dry to me in the beginning, but it’s not a book to read front to back.  Now I just let it fall open, and always I find enjoyment.  Then again, I just discovered “Unpacking My Library: Architects and their Books” online.  Oh, My God, I said quite aloud.  The excitement of it all for a booklady with shelves of architectural books.  “Book Lust” and “Book Lust II” made me aware of what a narrow reader I am.  Shallow.  I persist anyway.  “Living with Books,” drew me right in to bookshelves and libraries.  I just think that many of these owners don’t live by the sea, but all of us fight silverfish and mold.

After spending hours skimming pages of Books About Books, I’m truly mesmerized by the variety.  Almost every list mentions “84 Charing Cross Road.”  I truly liked that book.  A little magic behind two boards.  Yet I am behind in my reading.  Every year more books on books are written…”best of, more best of, essays on, and essays about.”  All magic I am sure.

I know now that I will never catch up.  Yet, I persist.

A Few Links to Books on Books


  1. Anyone with a love of books is never bored or alone!

    I am reafing The 8:55 to Baghdad about Agatha Christie and her life, writings and journey on the Orient Express. Fascinating read, well written, funny. You might enjoy it.

  2. I finally donated almost all of our books. Not the children's books though. I'm keeping those for the grandkids. Everything else is on my Kindle now. Believe it or not, we've got 4 Kindles.

  3. sounds like you got it covered

  4. Why would you want to catch up? THEN what would you do?

  5. How about "How to read a Book"?

  6. I keep adding books to my collection which already includes too many books I haven't yet gotten around to reading. Any books on books I should avoid as would tempt me to acquire more. Somebody put my name on various book award lists complicating matters even more. Good luck with your book thinning.

  7. Finished an e-book today; the first was "The Good Lawyer" by Thomas Benigno.

    A good read with a surprise ending.


  8. I keep very few books on hand, and I guess since I am reading more ebooks that won't change. Maybe I should think to see if I could find some Longmire books hereabouts.


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