June 16, 2016

A Bare Good News

On Shelter Island.

In the midst of all the world’s chaos and negativity, there’s a little good news.

All week, I have been having horrible nightmares about today’s doctor visit.  You know the thinking…my blood sugar would still be high, I’d have to go on insulin, and I would have progressed to being a diabetic.  More of, no matter what I did I would still be pre-diabetic.  Last night’s dreams were particularly bad ones.

This morning, I had to meditate a bit in the office to get my blood pressure down.  “Your blood pressure is really good,” she told me. 

Unfortunately, I missed the bit about going in three days early for all my lab work.  With the great weight loss I’ve had, my blood sugar should be good too, she said.  Results will be here in three days.  Keep going as you are.  Then she jabbed me with a pneumonia booster and told me to come back in six months. 

Perhaps my thinking has been liberated too.

  • Himself:  Took me to the doc.  Said good bye to the doc…he’s moving to Kaiser and saving a lot every month.   He’s going to miss our doc.

  • Herself:  I’m very nonfunctional before coffee, so I took it with me today.  Yogurt too.  Put on a pair of good tan pants, and they are a foot wide on each side.  Boy do I look funny.  I need to try my pants on today.  Cut out stars yesterday.  Pork loin chop and salad for dinner last night.  Out today.

  • Reading:  I don’t often pick unreadable books, but I got one last week that was so wordy, long, and endless, that I couldn’t even skim it.  Reading a JA Jance now: “Dance of the Bones.”  Got “Gratitude” by Oliver Sacks, and I am reading one essay at a time.  "Where the Book Falls Open”is simply delightful in small bites too.

  • Gratitudes:  For still being able to read.  For finding the date amusing.


    1. Well, that's good news for you. It's hard not to worry although sometimes worry is an alert.

    2. Enjoy your good news .You have earned it and deserve it.

    3. Well done, Mage. Your hard work paid off. It must be encouraging to see results.

    4. Delightful news, love the pants bit.

    5. Congratulations! Weiht loss helps. I have mintained the weight I lost, however, doc wants me to shed twenty more pounds. Will he never be satisfied?

    6. Good luck! I have my glucose checked at the mall twice a month when I can get there. It was pretty good last week. Keeping my fingers crossed for next week. I'm pre-diabetic too. Congratulations on your weight loss! Keep up the good work.

    7. Congrats on wt loss. I enjoy all of Oliver Sacks books and think I've read most of them, including Gratitude.


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