June 3, 2016

Mad About The Fair

Tomorrow is the Fireman’s Demolition Derby Day.

Tomorrow morning, we are heading to the fair.  It’s to be a steampunk fair this year, from what I can tell from the ads.  He can eat the fattening foods.  I will have my own lunch with me, and perhaps eat a cream puff…with half the pastry. 

You know we are heading for fun.

Steampunk at the fair.
Tackle box; we will see art, sculpture, quilting, ceramics, photography, and food too.

  • Himself:  Was featured in a movie yesterday for his job.  Mexican for dinner.
  • Herself:  Lots more energy these days.  Came home off the freeway, and there was less glare in my eyes.  I’ll use a scooter part of the day tomorrow.
  • Reading:  #2 Cadfell.
  • Gratitudes:  C was back in the pool this morning as was the instructor out of her cast.


    1. Replies
      1. Those guys in the canoe are sooooooo cool.

    2. Sounds like someone is going to have fun and opportunities for photos and food!

    3. The cream puff sounds wonderful.

    4. We had fajitas last night -- had them two nights in a row just a few days ago. It seems to be my easy-peasy meal these days.

    5. Replies
      1. We are, and every inch of us will be sunscreened.

    6. Wow! Your rose header totally blew me away. It seemed to explode into my eyes. LOVE LOVE it!!! Terrific fun fair photos, Mage!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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