June 1, 2016

Delightful June Gloom Time: Plus Again


8:30  It’s Wednesday already.  Blink, and the week is gone.  I’ll write more later today…this is just a place holder….she says on her way to work the books.

George Loves these.

3:00 PM  I’m really enjoying working at the Democratic Party Headquarters.  They put up with my slow learning curve, and they are fulsome with their praise.  It helps when you are a volunteer.  The drive up doesn’t terrify me quite as much as it did, but the drive home with the sun in my cataractish eyes is marginal. 

Poor George has to drive up to work in Carlsbad tomorrow, so he gets the car.  I’ll take Grumpy to the mesa.  My biggest faux pau yet has been to hang up on the head of the Democratic Party twice.  Yes, I know where the hold button is and how to use the intercom…now.  I confessed to them that I had been on one of Nixon’s bad guy lists, and they kept saying how nice it was to have someone answer the phone.

I’m doing slightly better with eating carbohydrates now.  Out to dinner at our favorite Italian place Filipe’s, I discovered they have just a meat ball or just a sausage with a roll.   I can have a salad, and then we split half a meat ball and half a sausage.  He ate the roll.  I felt heroic.

Bill, the pricer at work, tells me that I am losing weight noticeably.  I can tell you, almost laughing about it, that the more weight you lose the more wrinkles you have.

1969: Plein Air San Bernardino mountains hanging over the fireplace at #20.

7:30 PMWe cleaned out parts of the garage this weekend.  My mother died in 1998, and I had stored some of her things here.  The one beautiful plein air painting was in bad shape when I inherited it, and it is worse now.  One of my own pieces has a bug under the glass.  When I take it to the store to get the bug out and the back resealed, I will ask about restoration artists.  A center stripe has come unattached from the canvas in about a two inch width.  The whole piece is cracking, and the work also needs cleaning.

We got rid of about ten pieces of bad art.  Some of his mother’s things, and some of my mother’s art.  If one has a collection as big as ours, it should be maintained.  This plein air mountain is a winner, and I will do what I can to save it.

We also went through the box of silverware.  His mother’s silver.  My stainless, and my plate.  A lot of the stainless went into the back of the truck with the art.  Never will we be social the way we once were.  We have no need of so much stuff.


  • Himself:  Working awfully quietly today.  Snacking on 4 dates, 3 crackers, grapes and cheese.  Took Saturday off to go to the fair.

  • Herself:  Ditto the snack while telling him I’m not supposed to have dates or crackers.  Fireman’ demolition derby on Saturday at the fair.

  • Reading:  #2 Cadfell…Peters at her best.

  • Gratitudes:  Wonderful masses of books donated.  Wonderful.


    1. Make sure you do missy. Love your words.....

    2. Working the books, my favorite kind of work. :-)

    3. What a wonderful photo (and what great legs).

    4. I do not believe in totally giving up foods that I love. Just cutting them back to tasting size and eating very slowly. Carbs are the staff of life for an Italian such as I. I think it is the highly processed carbs that are bad, because I have been to Italy and very few there show their carbs on their bodies. I watched a very thin Frenchman eat two large pastries every morning for breakfast...of course I do not know what he ate the rest of the day. I do not know art from schmart, but as they say, I do know what I like.

    5. Yes to the thought of not entertaining as we used to do, but at the same time I do see us holding a Gold Spike ceremony and perhaps a Spaghetti Feed for our rail friends. We're always puzzled that others don't reciprocate, but they say our home was built for entertaining and they don't have the space they feel is needed to hold a gathering the way we do. True, our home is much larger than any of our friends, but you can still have a good time even in the smallest of homes. Hugs...T

    6. Love that photo of you!
      We got rid of all our silverware (plated) too. Everything is casual in Hawaii.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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