July 22, 2016

Day 1: Thursday: Imagination Lives


A chance to shoot Cruella deVille.

It was hot outside, but we were able to get some cool pictures inside.  I’m even taking a sweater today for another 500 some images.  There were some excellent costumes even this early in the convention.  By Saturday on Costume day, inventiveness will be running wild.

I’m also very glad to see imagination isn’t dead.  Pictures, drawings, acres of books filled the isles, and each offered a unique premise.  While George set out to find a couple of T-shirts, I shopped books and illustrations.  I came home pooped but much heartened by what I saw.

I was much surprised by the gaggle of his and her Princess Lea’s.


  1. Such a fun thing to do, Mage. Love the Princesses.

  2. Princesses in tennis shoes? What DID Lea wear?

    1. A pair of husband and wife Leas...who knew what the original wore, one of these has a beard. LOL

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, mountains of lovely stuff a day. :)

  4. Looks like fun. You have a lot going on down there.


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