July 23, 2016

Day 2: Friday: Success in a Foreign Land

The little boy behind her was charmed.

I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t find a volunteer spot that would fit me this second day.  The first day, I showed up to the Professional check in windows on my scooter and was turned away.  I didn’t have enough sense to tell them that I didn’t have to stay in it.  They said it wouldn’t fit behind their counter.

OK, I explained the problem, and this second day they sent George and I to the Portfolio Review area.  See George at work in the picture below.  Each booth has a table and a person to do a review of either a wrtten portfolio or an art portfolio.  Our job, in the midst of the Comic Con noise chaos on the echoing sail deck, is to call names out from a list. 

“Can You yell?”  Asked the supervisor Dianne.  We could all yell. 

As soon as one person was in a chair being interviewed, we would track down the next person on the list.  It was a noisy job, but someone gets to do it.  What fun it was.

George at work.

I was charmed by this young man’s creativity.

Costume drama on the sail deck.


  • Himself:  Replaced one shirt, took vast numbers of pictures, got to go to the NASA panel, and took me out for Chinese.

  • Herself:  Got to go back to my favorite bookstore’s booth, bought an illustrated Swedish fiction that I had visited before, and rolled through the Artists Alley.  Pictures to follow.

  • Gratitudes:  To be able to go to this Chaotic convention, and see so much new creativity.  I’m inspired.


    1. Sounds like a fulfilling day.

    2. Fun! And games! It Looks wonderful!

    3. Sorry you got turned away. One would think with all those costumes the venue would be more space friendly for those in scooters. Glad you got back in.

    4. Gotta love those costumes at the end.

    5. It sounds exhausting but a lot of fun.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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