July 25, 2016

Day 4: Wore Us Out

Artist with portfolios waiting for interview.

Yesterday…home again, we fell into bed.  Margot reported that both kids fell asleep in the trolley heading to the car.  This morning we awoke slowly to a life that will almost be normal.  No gym.  The last of the carbs for breakfast.  Playing with pictures.  Making menus for the week…that sort of thing.

We both came home feeling that this was the best Comic Con we had ever attended.  Why?  Because we were a part of and not outside looking in.  Just those few hours a day volunteering gave us a new viewpoint of the whole.  I’m sure it was the same way for each person who volunteered.

Many of those I helped came from places far away.  One man from New Zeeland told me that there was nothing like this anywhere he lived.  Other’s said that this was the one chance they had to get a job in their field.  I did snoop a bit in the art portfolios.  Many had very weak portfolios, and I was pleased that at my peak I could out draw them.  (What a selfish statement.)  Some brought strong color work, books, magazines, comics….I so hoped that this was what the interviewers wanted.

The Portfolio Review booth area was lined by corporations big and small.  Nickelodeon was there…in bright color.  Disney had two tables and banners.  My little corner had some really nice people doing the interviews….everyone agreed.  I was lucky they were still interviewing and taking walk-ups on Sunday.  I didn’t get a full afternoon of daughter and grandkids but got to hug them all.

Best friends at Comic Con.


  • Himself:  At work.  Bed early.
  • Herself:  Writing this.  Working on pictures.  Menus, grocery shopping, lunch nap, read, read, and read before bed early.
  • Reading:  A really old Henderson.  Magical stuff.
  • Gratitudes:  Feeling so much better.


    1. The trolley crush on the way back almost squeezed the life out of me. This event is WAY too overwhelming for me. But I tried! Check my post.

    2. Volunteering sounds like a great way to see many of the sights at Comic Con. It is great it was such a good experience for you both and your family.

    3. I am so glad that this was the best year yet. You both love this so much.

    4. Living a full life, aren't you! How nice.

    5. We most definitely had a great Con this year. I am looking forward to working the same volunteer area next year.

    6. Selfish statement? The truth can seem that way.

      I have an Aussie Flickr guy who posts of Comic Con or something similar down there.

    7. A great day and the best kind of tired!

    8. Yesterday, we stayed up later than usual to hear all the speakers at the DNC convention. Wonderful!

    9. The right kind of exhaustion. :-)

    10. I'm bushed too, after many visits, etc. and am looking forward to a day of R & R.


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