July 27, 2016

A Visit

Granddaughter Sahara with her two best San Diego friends.

We had a truly wonderful visit from Granddaughter Sahara yesterday.  The timing was perfect.  George got off work, and we drove up the street to one of Sahara’s favorite restaurants.  Sahara has grown from a diffident, shy child into a glorious woman.  What fun to have an evening with her…and Margot, Zoe, and Sahara’s two friends. 

Pulling out of the parking lot, her car had a flat.  The triple A driver told her not to drive the car with a load of people in it on her donut spare.  We traded cars.  As George was pulling her car into our garage, the door handle snapped off in his hand.  We bought the parts this morning.  He arranged service too.  Isn't it nice folks take credit cards over the phone.


  • Himself:  Car stuff, work, Costco.
  • Herself:  I got very ill Wednesday when I went to the store.  Probably a dose of Fabrese.  I’m going in to work today.
  • Reading:  The new Sharon Cone mystery.

  • Gratitudes:  Sahara.


    1. The grands are a joy even where they're older, it seems.

    2. Life with grandchildren is a wonder! You have a treasure there for sure.

    3. We are so happy when the grands move into adulthood and get it right. We know how hard that is!

    4. It was a most pleasant visit.

    5. How nice for you! And how great that George could fix stuff for her.

    6. Sahara is gorgeous. Wonderful photo. Would make a great subject for a painting.

    7. Looking forward to seeing my grandkids tomorrow. I hear you on the Fabrese. I gag on it.


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