August 16, 2016

Asleep Anywhere

August 2016: Before

George took some action on the laundry area yesterday.  I’ll go down stairs, and when I pass the machines to go to the store, I too will do a little something.  Life doesn’t seem as hot today as it was yesterday when I couldn’t stay awake for anything.  I got back from the pool and dozed off over the computer, I tidied up a bit then dozed off over lunch, and dozed off over the afternoon too.  

Yes, I started taking my vitamin D again last night.  For a long time I was just in a holding space waiting for my innards to heal.  Bobbie is right.  I need to get back to Tai Chi again.


  • Himself:  Working hard, expanding his diet, being a really nice guy.
  • Herself:  The pool has been heaven the last two days.  I have five new books to read two of which are from authors from my writing class.
  • Reading:  Silva
  • Gratitudes:  For having the world open out before me.


    1. Oh my goodness, I think we have separated-at-birth washer and dryers!!! Seriously! :)

    2. :) I like Kenmore products. :)

    3. That laundry room is pretty of your organizing projects? I do not know if I could ever be brave enough to take a writing class.

      1. It's going to be when we get back from our short jaunt out of town.

    4. Lots of space in the laundry room.

      Love the gratitudes you write!

    5. Look at all that junk on top of the dryer!

    6. That laundry room looks suspiciously neat. I'm glad you can't see mine.


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