August 15, 2016

Hiatus from the Laundry Area

August at Poway Lake.  The dog was a huge hit.

The laundry room is on hiatus.  There’s nothing cool down there, but upstairs we are comfortable.  We like cool and Comfortable.

Yesterday found us far, far inland at G’s mandatory company picnic.  It was really nice to meet many of his coworkers and all three of his bosses.  Way inland in a lovely lakeside setting, it was also way hot.  101F in the shade (38.3333C) is way above our comfort zone.

We fled to the cool at the beach as soon as we could.   


  • Himself:  Doing his own queue today.  Looking forward to Penn and Teller this comping weekend in Vegas….the hotel was only 30 a night.
  • Herself:  Enjoyed the pool this morning.  Still experimenting with things to keep my tummy quiet and pain free.
  • Reading:  Silva.
  • Gratitudes:  Back to exercising.


    1. Love you header. Hot here also. Very scary. Have fun in LV.

      1. Dozed in the heat here for the second day in a row.

    2. Teller has lost a LOT of weight. Enjoy LV. Won't be any cooler there, though. ;)

    3. Vegas will be hot, the hottest I have ever experienced. I guess you are more accustomed to the heat than we are here. Great price on the hotel.

      I hope you feel totally better soon.

      1. No we do poorly in the heat, but everywhere in Vegas is air conditioned.

    4. We would be hard pressed to survive in that heat. When it was that hot here last week, we remained indoors.

    5. You were troopers to do that. I stayed home in the shade and read magazines.


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