April 18, 2017


Sunday we had a half day at the Spring Round Up.  It was a sunny and gorgeous day but there was one more business meeting.  Did I ever mention that I truly dislike business meetings?  What would you like to do, they asked us.  Nothing mathematical, I wrote.  G had other suggestions but only after we got home.

We came home and vegged out….perhaps we should have taken a nap.  Then we both dug in our closets for something not black, and headed off to the Sunday Meeting.  We noted that most folks who went to the convention didn’t come Sunday night.  Ah well.

While he struggled with the usual Monday work mess, I ran errands and planned meals in white pants and a colorful shirt.  Today it is raining.  LOL. 

Meals:  Less carbs and more protein.  Stuffed hamburgers last night, and end-cap steaks tonight.  Pork and lamb tomorrow.  He gained twenty pounds.  I gained six.  Personally, I want to get those six pounds off me before the doctor discovers them.  


  1. Yellow roses are my favorite roses. What do you stuff your burgers with?

  2. Beautiful rose. Six pounds wasn't bad, Mage. You got this!

  3. OH MY GOSH! This is so totally, absolutely, fantastically gorgeous! You photograph the most awesome roses!

    1. Almost all the roses were stunning. It was the rain....floods of it.

  4. My roses are just getting teeny tiny buds!!


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