April 29, 2017


While we were picnicking on Shelter Island the other afternoon, our ship journalist friend Peter Knego was aboard the Maasdam.  If you have Facebook, you can enjoy the cabins, suites, decks, and public rooms with him.  We really loved these small HAL ships…especially the library. 

After photographing the ship, he moved to Harbor Island for photos of the ship as she left. 

"A perfect day on a spotless ship: Holland America Line's MV MAASDAM in San Diego.
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A day in San Diego aboard Holland America Line MAASDAM, one of the line's smallest, oldest and most charming ships."



  • Himself:  Thrift stores, lunch, and to the museum.

  • Herself:  Ditto morning, BBQ dishes and working on photos in the afternoon.

  • Reading:  The 2016 Harry Bosch mystery.

  • 3 Things Done Well Yesterday:Ran errands, went to two classes, finished a book, and helped G with the BBQ while eating his brownies.

  • Gratitude’s:  The peace of reading in the middle of an unusually busy day.


    1. There is nothing quite like a book, Mage!

    2. Exhausted here. Waiting for life to slow down so I can give better attention the garden. It his 90 yesterday!!! WTF?

      1. 92 is when I fold up shop. I can barely move at 90. Stay cool.

    3. Snatches of reading completes my day! Reading Dana Stabenow's "A Cold Blooded Business". http://www.publishersweekly.com/978-0-425-14173-1 I've never been on a cruise, but I shared your post with my niece and she gave me other bits of information about cruises (she's been on several). I especially liked the "Wednesday" mat in the elevator. My niece commented that being on a cruise was like being in Vegas -- no clocks so you never know what day or time it is. And all of the bars!!! Wow... I asked her if everyone stayed snookered most of the day and she said some people do... not this child!! LOL (nor you or G!) I guess they're like a floating city when they get as big as the Holland America. Amazing... Hugs to you both!

    4. Art is working on a cruise for spring, 2018 now.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


    ·        I forget that three hours of walking leaves me dozing the next day.   I’d laugh about it all if I were not half asleep.  ...