May 9, 2017


I’m staying inside, not quietly of course, and letting the chemo for my face work.  All the precancerous spots are “developing” into red splotches except for the one on my neck which is blooming.  Perhaps I am blooming around it. 

My hand is vastly better.  Almost ready to toss books around again.  I’ll try mending that red and white quilt and see how that goes first.  My shoulder is still torn though.  Perhaps I just thought I could lengthen and strengthen, instead one of my torn rotator cuffs bloomed.  The ladies in both classes ask where I am, but G who is soaking his torn knee in the hot tub, tells them little.

The days are grey.  We are on the backside of a cutoff low, and perhaps there will even be a small drizzle or two this afternoon.  You probably aren’t interested, but I switched the truck out for the car.  Driving the Toyota, I almost T-boned a Chevy truck as I left the grocery store this morning.  “Poof” there he was.  Now if he does another magic “Poof” I’ll have a better chance.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh at the small things.



  • Himself:
  •   Pool, work, back to protien, Costco, NCIS.
  • Herself:  Housekeeper be me:  Make bed, cleaners, groceries, et al.  LOL  Sort of paying attention to politics.  I note that it’s much the same now as in the 1920’s.
  • Reading:  Still reading “Washington.”  I’m going to the library this morning to add a little variation to the continual History lesson.
  • Gratitude’s:  The Caprese Salad last night was really good.


    1. Hope your chemo does the trick. So good to hear your hand is so much better.

    2. Good luck with the chemo for the spots. There's always something, Mage.

    3. Take care and hopefully you will manage with the chemo. You are in my prayers.

    4. Gratitude is nice. Thanks for the reminder.

    5. You are distracted and thus driving should be limited until you feel you are not distracted by all this healing. Music, a piece of chocolate and a good book. Let everything else fix itself.

      1. Groceries, important stuff groceries. :) And I am always distracted.
        I got chocolate muffins to eat once a week. LOL

    6. Goodness...I must have missed your post about your chemo/face treatment. Robert sees the dermatologist today -- I called to cancel my appt. (I was being seen with Robert, but really don't have any places of great concern, so gave up my time to someone else who needs it more than me). I took books back to the library on Monday and strolled over to the Friends of the Library section where I could buy paperback books for $.25 apiece... I found one that I really would have liked to buy, but didn't want to go ask for change just for the one book. I figure that the next time I go in (I have 3 books ordered) I'll see if it's still there and if it is, I'll know it was meant for me. LOL I have so many stacks of books on my coffee table right now and I really need to be sewing more. So sorry you're body is giving you such fits. Take care of yourself -- I'll be thinking of you... Hugs, T

    7. Ouch with the chemo! And ouch with everything else. Yikes! I know how much that shoulder can hurt. Please take care of yourself and each other.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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