May 8, 2017


Marvelously creative cut work armor.

George said earlier that he hadn’t decided what he would wear at Comic Con this year.  He tells me now that he has bought a Star Trek T-shirt to wear on Costume day.  I wanted to go medievally dressed, but my hands wouldn’t let me run fabrics through the machine.  Maybe next year. 

I ran through 2013’s pictures to find a middle-ages style dress I had seen flash by me.  Months ago flashing.  There it was…only half an hour searching.  I can’t seem to find a pattern, but there will be one out there.  It’s a style that will hide many imperfections, and I can design it with built in pockets.  Perhaps with an over-dress and a rope belt.



  • Himself:  Saturday:  Ate eggs out, museum docenting, and an evening with friends.  Sunday Took Poolie a giant plain pretzel, and goofed off while it rained.  Meeting with him at the front table.
  • Herself:  I followed G around, and when home read while the skies opened up. 
  • Reading:  Still into Katherine Graham’s “Washington.”  Another Katherine from my old writing class has had her book published.  It’s really well done, and you can find it on Amazon: “Lessons in Disguise.”
  • Gratitude’s:  That I’ve found a vitamin I can sort of take.


    1. He took a lot of time making that costume, that's for sure. I like the one you want!

    2. I wish I could remember how to sew clothes. It is such a huge challenge for me for some reason!

    3. I never did sew, but I do like looking at costumes.

    4. You make your own costumes? Wow! You are talented in so many ways, Mage. I'm in awe of your talent.


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