May 18, 2017


Computer stuff (skip if you want) :
While I was at work, at the Dermatologist’s Office, and at work again, G reformatted my Hard drive.  Since the graphics card is new and the motherboard and the power supply are all new, G nakedized the hard drive.

How he got any of his work done, I don’t know, but he did.  At the same time he recreated me.  Now I have to recreate May and save it.  We are waiting to see if this cranky computer keeps running.  If it does, I have a new 2 T hard drive to put in my backup computer.  Later today he will do a fresh image on the backup machine, and we will sign in to Word.

The dermatologist burned off all sorts of places yesterday, and he took a good slice of the one on my neck.  Progress I suppose.  Results of the biopsy in 12 to 14 days.   Few books to shelve tho, but it was still wonderful to be there even sorting clothes.


  • Himself:  Pool.  His knee is still bothering him.  He did journeyman’s service with my computer.  Work, and did laundry too.
  • Herself:  Did all of the above, and dinner.
  • Reading:  Ann Haynes story of being a Pursette on board ships of the Union Castle Line….fascinating details.  Well illustrated too.
  • Gratitudes:  That I wasn’t allergic to that kind of Lidocaine…there are two kinds, and I didn’t know.


    1. Good thoughts sent your way for those results!

    2. "It's Alive........It's Alive!"

    3. I have not idea about hardware and computers and I do want to keep it that way. You are so lucky to have a nerd genius at your call! Hubby's knee surgery is pretty much healed. He is swimming today.

    4. So you got your book!!! Excellent! I wish I had 1/10th of George's computer knowledge and skills, I'd never have to put my computers in the shop ever again!

      1. I tell you, he fixes them while he is at work then has no time to tell me how to work anything. LOL Got the book and am totally delighted. The one I am sending you is not a history of the airfields, instead it is a coffee table book. Hope you like it anyway.

      2. And I'm fascinated by the book. It has all sorts of details that are left out of most histories. Love it, thank you.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


    Here are a few of the delightful Steampunk folks enjoying the alternative world the museum offered this night.   So glad I could go.  ...