May 17, 2017


…and other good news.

·         Two days ago, my computer did its usual freeze and refuse to restore.  George has been working on it constantly since, but he has been oblivious to the fact that it wasn’t going to work no-matter-what he did.  We looked at computers at Costco last night, and there’s also the option of taking it to the shop.  Further research makes clear the fact that this is the third time it has done this at this exact time of year.  I’ve lost all of May…again.
·         Only in San Diego category.  We have had an orange and yellow submarine floating in the middle of the bay for two weeks.

·         Best of all…Back at work yesterday…and oh, how good it all feels.  Just the books.  Yesterday I pulled outdated or damaged volumes, put fiction with fiction, nonfiction with nonfiction, and priced the small pile of new stuff.  For me, this whole experience was terribly satisfying.  I came home feeling really complete and balanced.  G says he feels the same way when working at the museum..


  1. Such an interesting place to live. I'd get a new one if it were me. Love your work return. My arthritis rose up and is keeping me from our local museum and I really miss it and my friends. Glad you are back.

  2. Dur, a new computer I meant. Nothing like leaving out a key word.

  3. I love/hate my computer. My condolences.

  4. It is nice to have a volunteer job where you feel you actually accomplish something. I barely feel that way with most of the volunteer stuff that I do, but I still show up. Sorry about the computer.

  5. I think you should put that computer out of its misery. Or out of YOUR misery as the case may be. :)

  6. I am smarter than the computer! It LIVES!!!!

  7. Yay, George!!! Good for you! I HATE computer agony. I totally drives me crazy. How wonderful that George knows how to cure it.


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