May 15, 2017


The Lord Hornblower slowly waiting for the NCL Norwegian Sun to move out.

It’s been quite a weekend.  I wandered around Balboa Park trying like heck to keep my face out of the sun.  Fun show of Antique Japanese signs at the Mingei.  Sunshine everywhere.  I did manage a nap between chapters of Schlesinger’s “Journals.”  What a lovely break from staying home and working on projects.

Dinner by the bay at a window table.  We watched the parade of ships pass in the setting sun.  We ate all our fattening dinner and enjoyed every bite….a little too much pepper on my filet.  Then, we really ate all that gigantic desert…all the masses of whipped cream, chocolate ganache, cake, and coffee ice cream on a chocolate crumb crust were consumed almost to the last bite.  We couldn’t quite do it.

Yesterday was “Guardians of the Galaxy II”.  We liked it.  It was fun, fast moving, colorful, and filled with cameo’s by some of our favorite actors.  Nothing deep at all, but charming.  Then we went shopping for a more comfortable pair of pants and shorts for G.  Dare I say Larger?


  • Himself:  Hot tub closed so he swam and walked in the pool.  Now he is dealing with the usual Monday mess on his computer.  Meeting way far, far up north tonight at rush hour.  NCIS

  • Herself:  Laundry, Exercise class, laundry, dinner: chicken breasts with a peach salsa.  “Antiques Roadshow” while he is gone.  NCIS later.

  • Reading:  Journals.  I’ve reached the Kennedy years..

  • 3 Things Done Well Yesterday:Cleaned me, movie, shopping.

  • Gratitude’s:  That we found a lot of things that fit G on sale.

  • QUESTION:>  What are the +2's or more next to each note history?  Please?


    1. It was a wonderful weekend!

    2. The cake sounds delicious. I had a tofu dessert for Mother's Day. My choice. Not my favourite by very filling. I'll choose the cake next time too.

    3. Sounds like a dream of a weekend.

    4. Sounds like a great weekend...of course....size large you know....

    5. That boat looks like The Pride of America, Which goes around the Hawaiian Islands. Sails right past our house.
      We are reasonably happy in our corner of the world and enjoying life more than would seem sensible, considering what we are up against. I love to travel, but I'm basically a homebody and find my home to be the most delightful place in the world right now.

    6. Those monstrous ships scare the crap out of me. I do not want to be on them or next to them. Do not know why, but have avoided ocean cruises...except we are going on one in February! I also ate like a pig over Mother's Day weekend because I got to spend time with daughter one day and son the next. I was happy.

    7. Chicken breast with peach salsa sounds yummy. We just signed up for a river cruise from Amsterdam next year. I hope I don't get riversick.


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