August 1, 2017


Doggedly, and perhaps without much charm, I finally finished Photoshopping the Comic Con images.  I’ve been tired, and I am aware that it’s not an excuse.  Napping is me these days.  Without a timer, I would take a two hour nap, and still sleep my eight hours.  It’s hard to sleep in the heat, but our heat is nothing in comparison….

…to Portland Oregon where we have friends and family.  To New York or Maryland where folks we love are sweltering.  Or to Murrieta where we have family, or Escondido, or Campo…ditto.  We love it here above the beach, but we can’t afford to buy something flatter like a one story, two bedroom cottage of any kind.  Could we afford to stay in this three story, bought-when-we-were-young condo?  Only if you winch me up and down the stairs.

I see too many friends and folks I care for with cancer these days.  This leads to reflection…to chewing your cud while ruminating age related humors.   Battling ones thinking perhaps.


  • Himself:  Stayed home from the gym.  Work.  Taking me to the local Home store for a canister.  None to be had at the store.
  • Herself:  Gym, finished Saturday and Sunday Comic Con, nap, dishes those odious things, shopping.
  • Reading:  Cadell.
  • Gratitude’s:  G who woke me up after an hour’s nap.


  1. I too have been napping. My head just falls over while I'm sitting, reading. Such luxury to be able to nap like that.

  2. I feel energized strangely enough. Not my usual disposition. However, my thought is, whenever you need a nap, take it, and be guilt free. Nothing refreshes like a nap.

  3. Hubby has been napping more and asking me to wake him at times. I think that is OK.

  4. Naps good, cancer bad. It's hard to see people suffering with this dread disease.

  5. I nodded off twice on the way home from Sierra Madre. Heat makes me drowsy and I'm up in the night -- sometimes the heat wakes me, even though we have the a/c on at night. :/ No way for it, you and I are not built to withstand heat. But I don't do cold all that well, either!

  6. In this weather I'm grateful for air conditioning, and lazy days that let me stay inside and enjoy it!

  7. Good for you for finishing your photo task. I often nap about an hour around 2-3pm using the timer on my phone to keep me from snoozing too long. All three of my sisters are in and around Portland and hiding inside. It's not just hot there, the air index is way up 115 or so and rising. Ugh!

  8. How wonderful you can both sleep and nap. If I nap, sleep at night is history. Sure feel for those in the grips of the heat. Love my A/C and can't imagine life without it.

  9. Sleep is the opposite with me. I can barely sleep for 6 hours on many nights, and 7 is a long sleep. I also often have an afternoon nap. It goes for about 10-20 minutes only. This morning when I stumbled out at 5 o'clock I was hoping to go back, but the cat had left me with messes to clean up. :(

  10. Reflection definition, the act of reflecting, as in casting back a light or heat, mirroring, or giving back or showing an image; the state of being reflected in this way.

  11. I have this napping syndrome too but like you I still sleep at night but find I can't stay in bed later than 7.30am. Winston Churchill was a great napper so it can't be harmful.

  12. In this weather I'm grateful for air conditioning, and lazy days that let me stay inside and enjoy it!



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