August 11, 2017


·       Quilt:  These stars were to be a bottom border on the original design.  Now a few of them are scattered about in the abstraction.  I finally got to sewing only to discover that two of the fabrics I’d chosen were too loosely woven to use.  Amazingly I found almost perfect replacement fabrics at Joanne’s.
·       We are having a lovely long weekend.  G took the day off, tho he didn’t remember doing it.  He’s coming with me to the derm man first, then we are getting grumpy registered.  Tomorrow will be the Company picnic…a Luau they tell me.  Let us hope it doesn’t rain.
·       G got a raise at work.  I think it a whopping big one, he replies that it’s only a few cents per hour.  Maybe last year the company wasn’t doing well as he didn’t get a raise.  This year they more than made up for it.


  1. Your stars are beautiful. I could use two or three with little loops sewn on as hot pads.

  2. Like these stars -- never thought of quilts having such abstract look as previous post.

  3. These are pretty. I miss being able to go to Joanne Fabrics.

  4. Congrats on the windfall and have fun at the Luau.

  5. Congrats on the raise.

    Yes, I have mildly contemplated taking a stepladder to the sunflower field. I don't suppose I really will, but it has crossed my mind.

    1. You should as this is a one of a kind chance to get a unique photo.


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