August 8, 2017


Quilter: Rayna Gillman, “Totem 2.”

The little abstract quilt above gives you a general idea of the layout of the quilt I am working on.  A center abstract block with wide borders.

The latest review for Bobbies work was so full of confusions that I told her to ignore it.  It was just art speak.  We laughed heartily at that and decided to rename the new quilt “Art Speak” as I had changed the design from a more traditional one to abstractions.

The composition will be a center block showing indications of row farming with a little abstract sky at the top.  A weed or two will be scattered within the body of the work.  Around the center will be great wide border strips in two shades of dark purple. 

Quilted all over will be flying, laughing, pecking crows.

  • Himself:  Gym, a light Tuesday at work, Costco after dinner..
  • Herself:  Chlorine leak at the pool.  Home to write and work on the quilt.
  • Reading:  Evanovich.
  • Gratitude’s:  That my brain finally began working re this quilt.


  1. Love the colors. Hope you incorporate similar ones. Can't wait to see it.

  2. I'd love that in one of my bedrooms. Great title.

  3. I can hardly wait to see it. Love how creative you are Mage.

  4. It must look wonderful once its done, well done and greetings to you.

  5. Love the colors. Hope you incorporate similar ones. Can't wait to see it.


  6. That is so colourful and fun.. much like you.

    Doing one of my rare drive-by visits. Hope all is good in your world.


  7. So pretty! I love all the colors!

  8. Gorgeous quilt... I know yours will be stunning too! Congratulations to G on his raise -- a raise is a raise is a raise, no matter the size! It's all welcome and will most certainly add up! I wonder if Trump/Congress is going to give we seniors a raise this year.

  9. You use way more pins than I do when I pin a quilt. I make mine about 5-6" apart. And I see that you don't cut the selvages off of your fabrics... I almost always trim mine off. I have a friend here in Tehachapi who uses the selvages in string quilts so I save them for her. Gorgeous art panels in what I presume is the back of the quilt. You also layer yours opposite of how I do mine. I put the backing down first and then the batting and then the top. Your safety pins look a lot larger than the ones I use. I have the binding sewn down to the front of my great-nephew's quilt and it's all folded to the back and clipped--ready for hand sewing down completely. And I need to make a label for it. Should have done that before I had it quilted, but didn't know where the label would wind up in the backing material. It'll be fine...


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