September 5, 2017


There are those weeks when not one single thing but dishes come in front of my camera.  That's the first thing I do everyday is to shoot for the Discovery shop Facebook page.

We have been making an effort to take Captain Poolie a root beer float every day.  We don’t stay long.  I never liked visitors that stayed forever when I was in the hospital or at home recovering.  Then we head off into the world…and each day she drinks it a little faster and with more humor.  She was positively perky yesterday.  No photos here.

One day at work last week, we received five sets of dishes.  I often remind myself that I need to photograph these ceramic piles so they look charming.  It’s hard to do if I feel no affinity for the miles of tiny flowers.  Lots of formal tiny flowers have been coming in too.  As many of the Point Loma residents downsize, the first thing they get rid of is their formal dinner ware.   There are a few lighter, more modern sets too.

I like the big, bold stuff in life as well as dishes.  Friends like ’s Peter Knego who has a charming home  decorated in ship collectables.  Our friend Pirate Captain Poolie is a bold wench, Arrrggggg, as is G underneath his polite exterior.  But I don’t have to make them look salable….just the dishes.


  • Himself:  I’ve heard him say “You won’t get paid twice for things,” to shops all morning long.  He “Sir’ed” them to death.
  • Herself:  Recovering from the Antibiotics for my tooth.  Bought food.  Back bad.  Pool.  Hot tub.
  • Reading:  Kay Hooper.
  • Gratitude’s:  For every dish donated to the Discovery shop.  I just hope someone wants to buy them.


  1. I always thought dishes ended up in the sink, not in front of a camera.

  2. Thank you for the kind words on my blog today. I'm glad I bring a bit of cheer. Your dish photos made me smile. I have friends who purchase this stuff for catering events. It's cheap, it looks good, and who cares if it gets broken, there's plenty more where that came from.

  3. Cool that you take Poolie a root beer float daily. Those are great medicine and seem to be working. I'm with you on short visits.

  4. You've just reminded me I have a set for six and one for eight need to move along. Family tastes are not the same - 'We don't want them, maybe someone else would like them'!
    Sounds like you have visiting hour down to a tee - short and sweet bearing a gift ๐Ÿ˜Š ~ Cathy

  5. Been following Poolies Facebook to see how she has been doing, I never thought to look here at your blog for updates. Thank you! I have not blogged for so long, I actually didn't think of it. She is on my prayers. You are a good friend to her. ~ Annie (aka Pink Daisy on Facebook)

  6. It is good to hear of Poolie's spirit and improvement, Mage.

  7. I recognize one of the patterns in that first photo -- it's called "Diane" and I gave my set to my DIL, Diane. I've found extra plates, etc. in thrift shops and purchased them for her. I acquired the set a piece at a time from the grocery store, many, many years ago. When I inherited my step-mother-in-law's two sets of china and crystal, I decided to give my 'good' china to Diane, since it was her name. When I went online to see what some of the extra pieces cost, I was utterly shocked at the price for the dishes. Unreal... I should have bought 15 sets when I had the chance! Little did I know! LOL


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