September 2, 2017


A hot summer day on Hydra.  Photo: WS.

·       George is addicted to “Game of Thrones.”  That pretty much says it all.
·       Poolie is home, and no support was provided.  Her insurance wouldn’t pay for any more hospital days, so home she went to nothing.  No helper, no bed, no food, and her friend Pam out of steam and in tears.  Poolie was in bed in a 107 temperature bedroom.  She likes the heat, but this was beyond the way she likes it.  UPDATE:  Pam turned on the AC and fans.  House is slightly better as is Poolie.  
·       The tooth infection is still with me but far less.
·       George has been on a spending spree.  80% off bathing suits at JCPennays, and we left with a cart load of other stuff too. May I say that I now own three pair of shorts.  LOL  Ditto discounts at Tarjay.  Did I mention that I hadn’t planned on cleaning out my closet today.
·       In the midst of all the Poolie stuff, I finally made it to the grocery store. 
·       One granddaughter and her family vacationing on Hydra.  It’s really hot there too.
·       Met with two friends having serious trouble with their son.  My Cuz is too.  Brain injuries are such sad things.

  • Himself:  Taking the three day weekend in hand with a smile.
  • Herself:  Cleaning out my closet and somehow visiting Poolie.  Laying out the last horizontal panel for the crow quilt.
  • Reading:  Nothing…but later in the day I will.
  • Gratitude:  For small things today.


  1. There really does seem to be so little help for vulnerable people in the US. Things can be difficult here too but we have far more of a safety net.

  2. What they have done to Poolie is Horrid. Oh how I wish we had NHS like most civilized countries. Health care should be a right.

  3. I can't believe they would send someone home in that condition.

  4. Hubby, never a style maven, got two swim suits at Wallmart for $3 each! Only two were in his size. Hope being home makes Poolie feel better even though she has no help. Our medical system is the pits. Cold and rainy here today. Rain, mist, drizzle and more rain. We were hopeing to clear the deck before our trip as there is a hurricane possibility, but not able.

  5. I don't understand how Poolie could be abandoned by the medical system like that. Terrible!

    1. Her sister was in charge and did nothing.

    2. OMG... This happens all too frequently -- insurance only pays for so many days in the hospital, no matter how sick you are. They discharge you to a convalescent home and then transfer you back to the hospital ... it's a merry-go-round nightmare. Social Services should have been on top of this...surely the sister that dropped the ball isn't the one who recently had open heart surgery, was it?

    3. Yes, it was. I'll message you about it.

  6. we did get really good deals at JC Penny's this time

  7. That's incredible what they did with Poolie! I'd want to see how hospital documentation shows circumstances of her discharge, situation at home, and to whose care if warranted. I recall a couple instances of patient advocating I made when working, short circuiting early discharges cause discharge planner just didn't have all the information. Why she didn't have it was troublesome to me.


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