September 19, 2017


That’s what I make, scrap quilts.  Each piece of fabric is a little bit from a source like a dress or from a friend.  This is a crib quilt for a granddaughter.  Yes, there are two major errors in it, but I didn’t see the errors until the quilt was finished.   Finished means that it’s all together and quilted.  I’m not about to take a finished quilt apart to fix a couple of mistakes.

Right now I am making a king sized quilt, and so far there are no errors in it.  Why…because it’s an abstract piece.  The last strip of the center panel is almost done.  I spent hours on it yesterday and can tell you that it’s not at all boring.

I joined a Facebook group, “Scrap Quilt Enthusiasts,” this week.   These folks are really a creative and inspiring bunch.  I’ve made so few quilts since I began in 1989 that hesitate to share many with them…each is filled with errors.  I’m sure learning lots from the folks in the group tho.  I have hopes their presence in my life will push me into more quilting.

  • Himself:  Gym, work, meeting.
  • Herself:  That bad tooth has gotten worse.  My dental insurance is maxed out, and if we can keep it all together until January I can see a specialist.  (No specialist.  Tooth too far gone to save.)  Dinner with Camille and her husband tonight.  Visit Poolie later.
  • Reading:  Katherine Graham’s Washington.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I have a dentist.


  1. There was a woman in Williams yesterday who was gifting the young lady who was with her with a hand made quilt. The young lady was appropriately grateful I might add.

  2. I have a denim quilt that my sister made years before she died. I was going to give it to my daughter, but she did not really want it or appreciate it, so now I may give it to one of my sister's kids when they marry and have children of their own. Cannot see the photo of your quilt...unless the cat is the joke?

  3. The quilts we have are scap quilts made by family friends! They are priceless to us!

  4. I'm posting a new picture. 3rd try....

  5. G and I can see the new picture...this is Sahara's Quilt.

  6. Only you (the quilter) can see the mistakes. I looked all over the quilt but didn't see anything I thought was amiss. I love scrap quilts. I have a 9 Patch that my step-mother-in-law made -- all hand quilted. Amazing... I thank her every morning when I pull the quilt up over my pillow. Do you hand quilt your quilts or machine quilt them?? I think this one is lovely. It looks cozy and soft.

    1. The other quilt I posted no one could see. That one had a string of errors. This one has few. Machine quilt.

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  8. Like that the pieces have meaning. I am an appreciator of quilting but sadly not a doer.


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