December 7, 2017


Christmas AT #20, 1868: Laka Margot, PAH, and Mage.

Christmas is here if I want things to arrive on time.  Packages to be sent in the next few days.  No stuffed Raggedy Anne or Andy this year just skimpy checks and a can of paint.  Yes, it sounds pitiful. 

Zoe wants a teenagers room, and a blue accent wall is coming up with a can of the chosen color plus a paint tray, roller and brush.  Sahara wants a new job, but I can’t help with that.  I have no idea what George, Laka, or Margot want.  George sent away for the booties he wanted and told me that the Panama trip was “our” present to each other.  I’m guessing that the trip to Oregon is our present to each other.

In the midst of it all, I am trying to follow the new directions.  The nutritionist didn’t offer encouragement with my three confusing diets.  She did add new confusions.  Measure everything, she told me, and drink more water.  So I measured my yogurt this morning and discovered I’d been shorting myself.  Made me laugh.

Just like last night.  I wore a black striped T shirt…mostly white, with a black and white plaid shirt on top.  The only person who got the joke was Poolie.  Other folks didn’t understand the joke, but we did.  Everybody else thought I looked normal.

  • Himself:  Margot texted the paint number, color, and brand to G.  Work is “Okdokie.”
  • Herself:  Last week, I lost my wallet, this week, my keys, I told G this morning that next to go would be me.  And too: Those bookcases are in this office, the pictures are in the hall, the lamp is in the living room, but I don't know where the urn is.
  • Reading:  The third Mark Pryor.
  • Captain Poolie:  Up and down, up and down…she sits up better every day too.
  • Gratitude’s:  That G found my keys.


  1. Was the little red headed girl with the heavy make up adopted?

  2. More water, less food. We get smaller stomachs for Christmas.

  3. You found your keys.......that IS good news.

  4. The Christmas parcels are calling out to be completed. This weekend I say! They don’t believe me!

  5. I think paint is a excellent gift. It is original and we are starting to do that for some folks as well. Our trips can certainly be gifts as they cost more than any gift. I got mosquito gaiters for my D.I.L. and I hope she gets the joke. I did not get the shirt you wore, but I will keep pondering on it.

  6. I haven’t even thought about Christmas yet. Too much stuff going on over here.

  7. Hi Mage, you asked about the futon in Japan. Here’s a great a website that explains the whole thing.
    We actually slept very well with futons.

  8. Paint is a cool idea. Good luck with the new guidelines. Sounds complex but at least the water part is easy and I am a huge believer in how important it is.


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