December 17, 2017


Slowly things come together for the holiday.  I’ve sent out a couple of real cards.  Everybody else can just put up with Images on Facebook.  We had fun at the Car Guy Museum Party, and we had fun at the Car Guy Company Party.  I got food down my front in both cases.

Presents are all bought but not wrapped.  I do like wrapping them.  Sally at the museum party, saved me all the real ribbon there.  My mother was a depression era mom, and all wrappings were carefully saved and reused the following year.  My kids didn’t understand when I used to do it too.  From the cottage years to here, I used prewrapped boxes and bags. 

Now days I’m not half as thrifty, but I still have fun wrapping the gifts.


  1. It is hard not to take those thrifty traditions with you when you’ve been so well trained!

  2. This is the first year I have sent no cards. Bad Patti. I do send some digital cards via Jacquie Lawson. I know, not the same. Have fun with those last touches.

  3. My family too. I still have about 10" of red satin ribbon that's the remainder of what went on my Christmas gift until I was out of college. :-)

  4. If the gift bags and ribbons are in good condition I certainly reuse them. Wrapping paper rarely survives the grands. I have finished my wrapping and only need to get 2 more gifts. Real ribbon is beautiful and wish I had some to use. I (hubby) sends out the cards as we receive them from others. This year I am using all the generic winter-themed cards that I have gotten for free over the years from groups that get my donations. I am only sending out to those that send to me.

  5. I send out very few real cards too. And I think it's time to forget about very extended family that I have never had much to do with and will never see again.


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