May 14, 2018


When I first get to work, I pull my apron and camera on and go take shots for the (ACS Discovery Shop/Point Loma) shop’s Facebook page. 

I stagger about the floor just shooting what I see.  I’ve been very lax about creating arrangements to shoot…in an hour or so, someone will come along and rearrange everything.  Sometimes I catch a glimpse of something pretty.  Sometimes an arrangement almost works and I shoot it anyway only to Photoshop it when I get home.  I never quite know what I will see until I download it into my cranky computer.

No, I am not very good with Photoshop.  Over the years with PS11, I have learned to sharpen an image, add depth, lighten or darken, crop, straighten, all that old darkroom stuff I learned from Paul Hawkins.  PS11 is an electronic darkroom that I really need to learn to use with more finesse.

Only today did I realize that I had not been considering my volunteer commercial work as good enough to save.  Some of it really is.  I’ll go back and see if I can save any of the old stuff.  And from now on I will save the better things to a folder all their own.
  • Himself:  Work looks, “Not too bad.”  He keeps talking retirement.
  • Herself:   Quilting, laundry, saving photos, laundry…et al.  G ordered me a new graphics card as the one I have now leaves big black boxes on my screen.  Bothering me: Two dings and one rib.
  • Reading:  A fascinating book on handbags.
  • Watching:  Tonight: Antiques Roadshow.
  • Gratitudes:  That I’ve now had G in my life for 35 years. 


  1. Can almost remember the name of this classic dinnerware -- Pfalzware or something like that? Cool beans ... love it! I often go to my WordPress blog and pretend I'm writing and adding media so I can retrieve a photo that I failed to save to my hard drive. Nice backup... ;) I need a new purse but don't want to shop for it. Bad... I utterly HATE shopping for clothing or especially purses. Sigh...

  2. That's a nice selection...I like the bowl and the little pitcher.

  3. I keep adapting to the latest Microsoft photo version. Not overly pleased with Window 10's offering.

  4. 35 years. Congrats on that!! You both are a lovely couple and I love seeing your couple photos. That dish set takes me way way back. There was a high end catalog (Horchow Collection) maybe still exists and I bought a yellow set of cabbage dishes. Long gone and probably worth far less than I paid for them. No kids then and no mortgage as we lived overseas, so there was extra money!

  5. You seem to have a place to shoot with lots of interesting little settings.

    1. I volunteer at the ACS thrift shop. :)

  6. Goodness, those are some nice pieces. Congrats big time on 35 years.

  7. Lovely dish. Congrats for your 35 years of journey.
    I also have no too much knowledge of Photoshop. As you said i also once used to make over some pictures for presentation:)


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