June 6, 2018


·       Flag:  I’m glad we bought a new flag the other day.  The cleaners told me that our old 48 star flag was so thin that it would fall apart if cleaned.  We have the new one up, but have to remember to bring it in at night.  He resists.
·       Himself:  I think he is happy with his new routine…work, volunteering, game playing, meetings, and repeat.  Even after all these years, he’s used to being alone and likes it.  I listened while he explained how to do something with a program to an estimator yesterday.  He would patiently say the same thing over and over until the guy finally caught on.  It was amazing.
·       Herself:  Monday I walked in the pool, and no matter my enthusiasms, I kept falling asleep all day long.  Slept like a log too.  Tuesday I went to a meeting, learned how to use my Cuisinart, attended at potluck, and didn’t do a thing of value for the rest of the day.  It helps if one puts the blade in the machine going the right way.
·       Reading:  Just finished one Hillerman and am moving on to the next one with both detectives.  Found a cookbook for the “Odyssey,” and it took me forever to discover it was the “Golden Odyssey.”  That poor ship was last seen as a battered Casino ship in China.
·       Watching:  Imagine “America’s got Talent.” 
·       Gratitudes:  That Josh from Prosebox finally got me back in.  Everything got changed, but I am there.  Can’t get in to our Facebook page this morning.  Probably something else burped and I will be able to get in Sunday.


  1. I needed a nap the other day, but determined to tough it out to bedtime. They woke me for supper!

  2. I never fight a nap. I must need it otherwise I wouldn’t be tired!

  3. Naps are good. I had grandkids all day yesterday even though they are older 11, I had the blind staggers by 6pm and was asleep by 8pm.

  4. walking away from the Cuisinart with all your fingers intact is a thing of value.

  5. Sometimes I nap; sometimes I try and don't. If I do it's usually about 10 minutes. 15 is long.

    Re. you comment: I assume HOA stands for Home Owners Association? We don't have one, and I'm not sure if anyone around here does. Anyway, I mowed today -- hers and mine. I don't mind but am just perplexed when others draw such a line.


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