June 21, 2018


There is something about my voice
that no one hears
yet in the background, real life
appears, dozing, reading,
working, talking,
deaf to my cheery perking,
silent to my reality…
it’s that way now.

Perhaps I have coughed to much
or spoke too strongly
into uncaring ears
smoked too much for
too many years
yelled too much at my children
this too will take my voice away
but not my opinions

Perhaps I am deaf now
and vanishing into my own
silent into the summer sun
silent under the hot blue skies
no longer yelling
now writing those opinions.


  1. Yes, you speak thru your blog.

    I had my annual hearing test today. I am dipping into the 'severe loss' category in at least part of the spectrum.

  2. Your voice is loud and clear Mage. Beautifully written!

  3. Can relate to some of that. Keep your blogging voice active, it is great for us and you.

  4. Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this, It's very interesting Blog...
    I believe there are many who feel the same satisfaction as I read this article!
    I hope you will continue to have such articles to share with everyone!

  5. Ah yes... age, allergies and asthma--I so agree with your words. I still love to see your writing. I admire you for your ability to write poetry. I've never really had that ability. Love you and G... me


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