July 27, 2020


I hovered over my computer all weekend. 
As did George.

“Art and the Holocaust.”

Only on one topic did I lose my sense of humor.  Photos on my blogs.  Once upon a time, I had only one blog.  OD.  Then when it began burping, I got a backup blog on Blogger…Postcards.

Then when OD friends urged me, I got another backup just so I could see how my friends were doing.  Even with the owner of Prosebox holding my hand, I couldn’t load the pictures.  Nor could I get the “next” button to work.  I left a line of links instead of actual images.

When “Blogger changed something in a restructuring, friends from Wordpress could no longer leave  me notes.  This to me seemed more than hurtful.  Normally, I could get Wordpress to be sociable with the others.  Not now.  So I reopened an old blog on Wordpress and renamed it “Mage’s Postcards.”

Sunday morning, when G pushed the button to turn on his computer, it wouldn’t.  He pulled out our bargain basement laptop, and despite it being slow and crotchety, it eventually turned on.  After breakfast we ran G’s desktop to the computer repair shop.

We had a great time at the virtual Comic Con.  Next the “Spring Round up.”  We will be going virtually to that also.  The world has changed.


  1. You have really great photos Mage. Thank goodness we don’t all look the same. It would be really boring!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. My WP people still seem to be able to communicate with me, but I am not yet on the new Blogger, so we shall see,

  4. Wordpress always seems to have problems with communicating with blogger. I don't have the new version of blogger yet so it should be interesting to see how it works.

  5. I tried the new blogger, didn't like it and went back to the old one with no problems.

  6. I have no idea all those interfaces you use for Blogger. Just use blogger at my end. They have removed the html button, so if my fonts get weird...it is what it is. I miss reading your blog and must get back here more often.

    1. I too just use blogger, but they have changed their basic format. I have missed you and hope you don't have the virus.




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