January 20, 2008

A Charger Kind of Day

A during the cleanup shot. Then, an after. Yes, it still looks a mess, but everything is bagged and boxed and an entire truckload of “stuff” has been taken to two thrift shops. Today I clean off kitchen shelves. Did I say that?

Am I interested in football? Not really. Did I say that? Not publicly.

What am I doing while the rest of the city is sitting in front of their televisions?

I’m washing Myrtle and Grumpy, I’m going back to the Cancer Society Thrift store and getting that WW bcookbook I didn’t get yesterday, I’m finishing the laundry that got started yesterday, and I am enjoying the clean garage. Later I will Probably take pictures of the new veggie bowl I got yesterday when we visited an antique mall before dinner.

G will probably watch football. The city is watching football. From noon on, the streets will be silent, the stores empty, and only after the game is over will their be either abandoned celebration for the win or no joy in Mudsville tonight.

Sometimes keeping it simple is life’s best reward. Especially since we lost.

Duck: He seemed really ok, for him, tho he’s now picking on anything and everything until they bleed….where the doc burned off precancerous spots, where the shuttle driver slammed his finger in the door……..

Me: Aleve works better on my hip than Tylenol. Did exercises and took only one pill.

G: Really good. Shopped till he dropped. Smiled a lot.

Weather: San Diego: 58 for the high. 41 for the low. Fog bank coming in.

WW: Sopa and tostada at Nati’s.

  • Buick Invitational
  • Finally scheduled. Wednesday through Sunday instead of starting today. Only 8 hours a day instead of 12. This is great progress. I did ask for a chair and got a laugh. Only problem is that the new scheduling person is/was a week behind herself. I thought I had been forgotten or disliked. Nothing like a little parinoia to get me into action.
  • Rugby

  • Padres


  1. Mage,

    Sorry about the Chargers. We did watch the game and hope for a victory for your team but it was not to be.

    You will just have to say what we Philadelphia Eagles fan say at the end of every Season...Every Season!!!!!!!!!


  2. We will. Thanks. I'm not a big football fan, but G watches and keeps track of scores.

    I move on to golf now, and following that is baseball. I love working there.



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